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Das Video zeigt wie man das S7 Edge zerlegt. Darin wird auch der Zusammenbau vorgeführt.





Um dein Gerät wieder zusammen zu setzen folge den Schritten in umgekehrter Reihenfolge.

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cory thackeray

Mitglied seit: 01.04.2015

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i was told by Samsung that there is a specific screen for each carrier, that an s7 edge screen from tmobile will not be 100% compatible with say a Verizon phone. The screen would work, but some buttons may not. Is this actually the case?

I then read somewhere that there is the glass/lcd and the frame, so essentially an s7 edge screen comes in 2 parts. They then said that the frame is carrier specific. If this is so and if the screens are carrier specific, could I get any screen and just take the frame from my broken screen and put it on the new screen that I buy?

ex - G935t is the model for a screen for Tmobile

G935v is the model for Verizon

matt - Antwort

They are only compatible with tmobile

Aniyah Y - Antwort

Matt, you heard absolutely wrong. The screen is independant of the carrier. The only thing I can think of ifs the international phones may have a slightly different screen because of their different processor and motherboard connector, but's it. They're all 5.5". The glass and LCD are one and the same on the S7 edge. You cannot replace one without the other. By frame, they meant the phone's housing i.e. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile branding on the back. Honestly, it really doesn't matter what frame you use, as again, they're all the same. Someone at Samsung didn't know what the !&&* they were talking about.

issopink - Antwort

why the &&^ do u remove the battery and the logical board in order to replace the screen, there's no need to do that..

just un-plug the battery cable and the screen cable which on the left-top of u and remove the screen right away.

there's no need to do a full tear down

ahmedkhalednew - Antwort

I dropped my phone yday and it never smashed but a tiny corner and no my phone screen was going nuts like having a fit I went to a shop they said its between 200 300 for a new screen I brought it last month from Argos paid for handset about 650 it cost me will my warranty cover that ??

carlene1385 - Antwort

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