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Samsung Galaxy s7 If your home button is not working? Solution! How to fix any Samsung Galaxy Home Button Galaxy g930F!



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Recently screen replaced with new homebutton - now fingerprint sensor is only giving error, any way to fix this?

Phone is rooted and has cust.firmware installed.

Try to fix :

factory defaults


cleared cache

Thanks for your reply!

Patrick Pieck - Antwort

Thanks for you info.


MovilOne - Antwort

hi finger scanner is not working but home button is work please suggest me

Shamim Akhtar - Antwort

its cause the fingerprint sensor is synced with your logic board, you would have to write a script for it to work… which in that case would make you the first one to do so

Eric Touzin -

I need to replace the board of charger port with the module antenne, so I need to disamble the screen and don't know a what temperature I have to put the blower to not damage the LCD screen.

Joe Morel - Antwort

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