Wenn das Gerät nicht lädt, obwohl es angeschlossen ist könnte die Ladebuchse beschädigt sein. Hier wird der Austausch gezeigt.

  1. Trenne den Bildschirm vom Rückteil indem du ein größeres Plastiköffnungswerkzeug zwischen sie setzt und aufhebelst.
    • Trenne den Bildschirm vom Rückteil indem du ein größeres Plastiköffnungswerkzeug zwischen sie setzt und aufhebelst.

    Separating the back cover was the hardest part of the procedure for me (a retired electrical/software engineer). I used a large flat screwdriver blade instead of the hard plastic tool shown. Go slow all the way around the tablet and expect pops as the pieces separate. I was not able to re-connect the back cover completely, accepting a paper-thin gap about 30% around the cover, but it is secure.

    Rick Nungester - Antwort

  2. Wenn der Bildschirm gelöst ist solltest du die Teile mit der Hand trennen können.
    • Wenn der Bildschirm gelöst ist solltest du die Teile mit der Hand trennen können.

    Peter how do I know which charging port I need thank you I don't know how else to reach you Tom Patrick mlc@earthlink.net all small case and no spaces thank you

    Tom Patrick - Antwort

    Yikes. I began carefully prizing off the screen - but when it finally came away the connector (near the top of the screen, about 1” from the right side) got ripped, so the unit is damaged beyond repair. I think it would have been helpful if your guide had warned us about this possibility and given some advice about how to make sure it doesn’t happen. I now have a broken tablet and a brand new battery, likewise of no use to me. Pretty heartbroken - the unit had been working fine, mainstay of daily use.

    goodone - Antwort

    For any future people repairing their tablets. DO NOT REMOVE THE SCREEN. I thought my tablet was a Tab 2, but no it was a Tab 3. No heat guns needed. I ended up cracking my screen a bit. I don’t know the extent of the damage yet, but Im probably going to get a replacement screen. You need to pop out the whole thing. Not just the front screen. The reason being that there’s a sort of metal scaffolding holding the screen and the back together. This needs to be separated to put in the new charging port.

    Matt -

    • Um den Akku zu entfernen musst du zunächst z.B. mit einer Pinzette den Anschluss lösen.

    • Der Verbinder muss nach oben gezogen werden.

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    • Wenn der Anschluss gelöst ist kannst du den Akku mit den Händen herausziehen. Es kann etwas schwer gehen, weil der Akku auf der Rückseite verklebt ist.

    You don't have to, just be careful with battery connector.

    Kyoko Hori - Antwort

    You have to be very careful with the battery connector. On mine, the plug was difficult to remove from the base and I ended up breaking the connections between the base and the circuit board. Maybe use the pry tool to hold the base down while easing out the plug.

    Hugh Morrison - Antwort

    I just did the same thing Hugh...does that mean my tablet is trashed? Can it be repaired?

    tlibert -

    • Drehe die beiden 2,9 mm Kreuzschlitzschrauben #000 an der Ladebuchse heraus. Hebe die Buchse mit einem Spudger hoch und entferne sie vom Tab.

    Hey Mr. fix it how can I get in contact with you to get a charging port I can't seem to find mine anywhere my name is Tom and my phone number is 7175332039I hope you see this if anybody else does that knows where I can get one give me a call thank you

    Tom Patrick - Antwort


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No need to remove the battery. You don't even need to unplug it, but be sure if you don't unplug it that the battery doesn't have a charge left.

Danyf - Antwort

My tablet had a plastic frame around the sides and bottom under the back which was impossible to get around. I had to cut off the section covering the battery charging port in order to get the old one out and put the new one in. but it seems fine and charges well and I'm really pleased I could fix my son's tablet without spending a lot of money.

Sasha Boucher - Antwort

Very easy repair. Thanks very much!

soccer123 - Antwort

Hey Danyf, Lithium Ion Batteries should never go fully dead. Your tablet is going to shut down before the battery goes fully dead. I would at-least unplug it to make sure you don't short out the battery, or fry the motherboard.

Randall Vonderbrink - Antwort

Hi All, just wanted ask a few questions regarding charging of Samsung galaxy 10.1 note.

I have recently changed a battery. In the start it was charging but now it's not? Do we have to reinstall drivers in android OS?

Seth Amaratunga - Antwort

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