Place your thumbs on the ends of the screen.
  • Place your thumbs on the ends of the screen.

  • Push the watch outward while pulling the band away from the watch.

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Heating the device with a hair dryer may warp the screen or damage the device.  It it preferable to use an iOpener for this step.
  • Heating the device with a hair dryer may warp the screen or damage the device. It it preferable to use an iOpener for this step.

  • For step-by-step instructions on using an iOpener, see the iOpener Anleitung.

  • Use a hair dryer, heat gun, or an iOpener to heat the Gear Fit for 1-2 minutes until it is hot to the touch.

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  • The screen is connected to the device by a ribbon cable on the left side with the power button facing you. Do not try to completely separate the screen from the device yet, and be careful.

  • Gently pry the screen loose using a plastic opening tool.

  • If the screen doesn't easily come loose, more heating may be required

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  • Using tweezers as a lever, pry the inner assembly out of the external casing.

  • This will be harder than removing the screen. Moderate force may be required.

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  • Disconnect the ribbon cables connecting the screen to the motherboard by lifting their metal connectors up off of the board with tweezers.

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  • Gently peel the screen assembly up and away from the device using tweezers.

gear fit 2 screen assembly is very expensive at the moment at 135 USD + 10USD shipping… looks like you are buying a whole new unit, ridiculous… i am planning to buy a new GF2 and have my defective GF2 to be source of spare parts in the future ( battery, hear rate sensor, circuit board, etc..) or maybe wait some time till prices go down.

ray floyd - Antwort


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you very much for this tuto. But wher can we acquire the screen ???

Thanks a lot.


aaa - Antwort

Where can you buy replacement screen?

Yele Olaniyi - Antwort

I'm also finding it difficult to buy a replacement screen too. Has anyone discovered some. I thought this website was selling some not too long ago. Any more coming in?

Rochelle - Antwort

Hi guys,

is it possible to detach the display unit from the protective plastic cover (I think it's not glass) ?

alexxtodorov - Antwort

Does anyone know where to get the replacement screen?

MrGratts - Antwort

Where to find the replacement screen?

Jaime Ramos -

Ok Kudus to the Author! I was able to purchase a screen off of ebay for 40 bucks, followed your instructions and have my watch back! Thank you

Lynn Fox - Antwort

Where did you find the screen/digitizer?

Anthony Zuniga -

Why would you get a screen for 40 Bucks?? I found a used Gear fit in better condition then mine and was 6 dollars cheaper!

victorpho.kyin -

IFIXIT is very nice, but where can I buy the spare parts?

Bernhard Schmal - Antwort

were can i buy the screen?

yenersemetoglu - Antwort

hi, where i can buy screen gear fit?

Iwish Warfly - Antwort

Where can you buy the screen/glass? No one seems to sell it.

S Ramzey - Antwort

How to reassemble? What kind of adhesive should I use?

Bernhard Schmal - Antwort

my activity screens are blank...says "unable to load data..tap to retry" nothing after I tap.

jdeiboldtsr - Antwort

need screen for samsung gear fit 2 black screen crashed for some reason !!! can you let me know where i can order that ?

Shashank Dalal - Antwort

I need to buy the screen also anyone know the site to buy it on

Hale - Antwort

I need a samsung gear fit screen

Paulchambers@hpeprint - Antwort

I need a samsung gear fit screen can I?

Paulchambers@hpeprint - Antwort

Do you have a contact number please?

Paulchambers@hpeprint - Antwort

would this work with gear fit 2 watch??

dontae.christianson - Antwort

No, the Gear Fit 2 is disassembled via 4 screws on the back of the device under small four rubber caps. I learned the hard way

tankerred22 -


Your best bet is Ebay. I found one for around $35.00, but there are preowened gear fit 2 for cheaper than that. I guess it would for sure be your call if you would like to fit it or not.

Flor Bounhas - Antwort

Where can I get the screen?

Donald Peters - Antwort

Has anyone found out where you can purchase a screen at?

Lavella Coffey - Antwort

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