This is an easy to work on camera. The screws are easily accessible, none of them hidden. The case separates easily and does not require any special tools.

Remove the batteries and the memory card if so equipped.
  • Remove the batteries and the memory card if so equipped.

  • Remove the two Phillips screws on the right.

  • Remove the four Phillips screws on the bottom.

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Remove the two screws on the left.
  • Remove the two screws on the left.

  • With all the screws removed, the case will split easy. No tool is required.

  • Front and back case come off at the same time. the silver midframe that houses the top buttons, remains on the camera.

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  • The LCD ribbon cable is folded under the holder. Do not try to remove the LCD yet. It will tear the ribbon cable.

  • Fold the LCD way from the holder. Remove the four screws that secure the holder to the logic board.

  • With the LCD holder out of the way, you can now open the ribbon cable connector. Use your fingernails to flip the white clasp away from the ribbon cable side. This will disconnect the cable. Remove the LCD and replace with the new one.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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