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Remove - Back,microSD,battery,sim
  • Remove - Back,microSD,battery,sim

  • Remove black rubber screw covers on back of display.

  • Remove 000 phillips screws (4) from top of display.

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Remove 3 small silver screws from battery area.
  • Remove 3 small silver screws from battery area.

  • Remove 2 Torx t-7's by MicroSD slot.

  • After screws are removed you can detach screen.

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  • Remove 4 additional 000 phillips screws from display.

  • Using some heat,spudger,frce pry away the broken display from the frame.

  • Use extreme caution the actual display is very fragile.

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  • Remove connector for digitizer

  • replace connector with new digitizer and rebuild.

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  • Reconnect to main motherboard.

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  • reassemble.

  • Enjoy the new display

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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