1. First step: get screen.
    • First step: get screen.

    • I found mine here:

    • You might want to recharge it. Turning it completely off might be a good idea.

    • Open the casings by unclicking the plastic hooks on the back. I found it easiest to start at the upper corners and the bottom middle and leave the places with the buttons for last. In the center of the casing are two additional plastic hooks pointing downwards - when you think you should be done try sliding the back a bit down.

    Hi, I just wanted to know how your screen got broken. My kid was playing with my Kindle and left it lying on the floor and I stepped on it. I was therefore wondering if only the screen is damaged (it looks the same as the one in your picture, but I can't seem to turn it off at all). Thanks, Monika

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    At least one of my screens broke when I stepped on it myself. In all probability this is everything that’s wrong with yours, too. You say you cannot turn it off: do you say that because the screen contents do not change? Since it’s e-ink it won’t change anymore if the screen does not work. However, if you say that the behavior of the the on/off LED has changed, that would be different.

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  2. Note the center hooks here.
    • Note the center hooks here.

    • , There are 17 screws to unscrew, 6 silver and 11 black. See next step for positions.

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    • Necessary 17 screws marked.

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    • Remove Screen cable to the left.

    • Remove board, slightly pushing up and left.

    • Push broken screen out of the frame - gently pressing from the outside to the inside. I did not need tools for this, but be careful not to brake the frame. Unpack replacement screen, remove protection foil and carefully place it. The glue should still be sufficient.

    • Rearrange keyboard top which has probably fallen off, insert board, some screws and screen cable. Test before closing the case. If not charged beforehand, remember it still might be charging for some time before anything will happen on the screen.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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