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  1. SodaStream Source Akku Tausch, SodaStream Source Gehäuse Demontage: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 3 SodaStream Source Akku Tausch, SodaStream Source Gehäuse Demontage: Schritt 1, Bild 2 von 3 SodaStream Source Akku Tausch, SodaStream Source Gehäuse Demontage: Schritt 1, Bild 3 von 3
    • Entferne die Soda-Flasche und den CO²-Tank aus der Maschine.

    My machine is overflowing when i put gas

    Elaine Anja - Antwort

    Does this article apply to the Fizzi too?

    When I look at my Fizzi (that I bought secondhand), it does not have any black seal like the one shown in this article.

    Greg Harrington - Antwort

    Parts are not specified - why? You would need a replacement circuit board (PCB, not a "chip")/battery holder assembly, if indeed that has failed.

    Malcolm Noble - Antwort

    IMPORTANT! Don’t use Philips screwdriver size PH1, it’s too small and will damage the screws. The correct size is PH2. This goes for all screws on this machine.

    Charles Greneby - Antwort

  2. SodaStream Source Akku Tausch: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 2 SodaStream Source Akku Tausch: Schritt 3, Bild 2 von 2
    • Entferne die Geräteabdeckung von der Front des Geräts.

    We are working on that for the last two hours without succcess. The boytom seems to slide out, but the top is totally stuck.

    Robert Coles - Antwort

    Hey Robert Coles, I figured it out. It wants to slide out backwards. You’ll notice the bottom wants to come out but the top is stuck. There is a sturdy plastic catch at the top, I managed to dislodge it by inserting a flathead screwdriver and giving it a little twist while pulling the housing away at the same time. I hope this helps! -jt

    John Tennant -

    I have the same problem.

    John Tennant - Antwort

    I’m stuck here too. I’ve pulled a lot of things apart but this has got the better of me. I can’t even get the bottom to slide. I love the way his hands are delicately poised to gently lift the back off. I’ve tried pulling so hard I’m frightened of breaking it. Pity. Such a good, well thought out manual otherwise. Stuck on step 3

    damon.ormsby - Antwort

    used two thin wood skewers to break the hold on the top. Slid them in each about 1/2” from the enter. finally released.

    Brian Runyan - Antwort

    Brian’s comment is excellent. The only additional piece of information is that the skewers should be inserted from the back. The catch is in the middle near the back. I inserted from the front which was wrong, but still worked. I left a couple of very fine marks that I think would not happen if inserted from the back.

    David Balfour -

    This step was unnecessary. I was able to slide off the front panel without pulling the outer cover off.

    Matthew Dash - Antwort

    Same for me. Jump to step4/5 first to see if it's even necessary.

    jwitt72 -

    there might be different variations within the same “model”. in my case (source), i realized that there is a tab at the top of of the housing. i pulled upwards the top of the housing, and was able to slide the housing backwards. there were 2 pairs of tracks on the sides of the housing that i thought they might have latches, but they were only guides to slide the housing. i do not how to share pictures here to show my steps

    Salam Gabran - Antwort

    This step was a real bugger. What helped was sliding a medium putty knife between the top and inner piece. The plastic snap is very near the back. They are right above the small “point” in the centre of the mechanism below it. Takes patience and let the plastic give way in time. I thought for sure I was going to bust it, and then it finally slid out like magic.

    Scott - Antwort

    Didn’t work I think they glued it shut to keep us from prying.

    Janey Kim - Antwort

    This step is only useful if you need to retension the two springs that lift the head and releases the pressure so that you don't have to lift it manually to get the bottle out.

    till_vidar - Antwort

    There are definitely different model variations. The outer metal case on my 2013 is split at the bottom as in this guide. The plastic case on my 16/17 is different an has the catch at the top rear as discussed in this thread. A gentle push up with my thumbs was enough to release it.

    Darryl Marko - Antwort

    I gave up on this step after 5 mins, but I found for my model it could be skipped and just go to step 4. For step 5, with a flathead screwdriver it came off easily and exposed the battery for replacement. Worked fine afterwards.

    jwitt72 - Antwort

    There is no need for steps 1, 2 and 3. Start at 4, and just remove the two screws from the front square that you push down. Use a tool to firmly pull the cover off and go ahead and replace the battery. Put back the cover, the two screws and you are done!

    MarianaFre - Antwort

    • Entferne die Abdeckung, indem du kräftig daran ziehst.

    • Dieses Teil ist schwierig zu entfernen und erfordert einiges an Kraftaufwand. Es kann helfen, ein breites, dünnes Werkzeug zu benutzen, um es aufzuhebeln (wie zum Beispiel einen Jimmy).

    The plastic spudgers that are supplied for mobile phone or tablet screen removal are perfect for this job. Use 2 - 1 on each side.

    David Balfour - Antwort

    Once the 18.2 mm screws are removed, I just pulled the black plastic outer cover a couple mm away from the white plastic internal block on each side to release 4 of the 6 plastic catches, and then rotated upward to release the last 2 plastic catches.

    Tony Hartshorn - Antwort

  3. SodaStream Source Akku Tausch, Akku: Schritt 6, Bild 1 von 2 SodaStream Source Akku Tausch, Akku: Schritt 6, Bild 2 von 2
    • Entferne den alten Akku und ersetze ihn mit einem neuen 3V-Lithium-Akku.

    I just changed the battery without step 2 and 3. And it worked great. Thank you so much for the instructions

    Petra Reisch - Antwort

    I agree. I removed the CO² cartridge as a precaution, but had no trouble removing just the front cover per step 2. To get it off, I pushed the cover down slightly to get room for a screwdriver. Then used the screwdriver at the top to move the cover outward just till it moved a small bit. It very little force. Then I pulled it off. Mine was relatively to pop off after that. A very easy fix.

    Charlie -

    Steps 1, 2 & 3 are unnecessary. Battery needed is CR123A lithium 3V, 1400mAH.

    Screw driver PH2, PH1 too small.

    Phillip Cunningham - Antwort

    I would concur, steps 1, 2, and 3 are totally unnecessary to change the battery.

    Pete Wincott - Antwort

    Y’all must be weak. No “prying” needed…the cover slides right off when you take out the two screws near the nozzle.

    Lee Keels - Antwort

    Schritte eins bis drei sind absolut unnötig! Abdeckung geht ohne auf.

    talldo - Antwort

    I was wondering the exact same thing . While its wonderful to see the inner working and see the full teardown thanks op

    he or she should mention to take off the front for battery change only skip all steps that don't address the front , or post his specific model number mines 001 and it has a build date of 2019.

    Should be right at the top “these model and build dates skip to step 4

    Alot of people and even skilled people sometimes have lapses or clumsy moments , extra unnecessary steps , increase the chance of damage

    Kal Jak - Antwort


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Heel de achterkant hoeft er hiervoor niet af hoor juist de voorkant 2 vijsjes en je kan het voorste deksel er af klikken ;)

tomclaes1989 - Antwort

Perfectly explained! I was afraid to pull the front cover because it does indeed take a lot of force to pull off!!

its important to note it’s a C123A 3v battery, not the C2 3v as I found out after opening

Kevin Shiner - Antwort

Where is the best place to find these batteries? Canadian tire?

Dancingdaisy007 S -

Its the same battery many many products use usually built in , motherboards used it for years.

Kal Jak -

Staples has the 123A 3v battery

scottvelasco - Antwort

Staples Canada or staples USA?

Kal Jak -

DO NOT DO THIS. It voids your warranty. I was told that would have replaced my machine FREE had I not done this.

meghanheasley - Antwort

Yes, sure. This would only apply if the battery fails during your statutory warranty period e.g. 12 months warranty. In the case of our Sodastream, the battery became dead after 4 - 5 years, this is outside the standard 12 months warranty period. In this situation, there is no risk in performing the battery replacement is there?

Pete Wincott -

Steps 1-3 are unnecessary for changing the battery. Start at step 4. Remove 2 screws. Pry front cover off. Replace battery.

Don Current - Antwort

I agree. Steps 1-3 were unnecessary and skip straight to step 4. It was very easy to pop off the top front cover and have direct access to the battery.

Sailor Dave -

You don’t need to pull the back cover off in order to pull the front cover off.

Mimi Sakarett - Antwort

Target also carries the batteries, listed as 123 size.

donsnish - Antwort

Easily completed - many thanks!

Nigel Longman - Antwort

ONLY Step 4, 5, and 6 are required. Steps 1,2, and 3 are completely useless for changing the battery.

Lee Keels - Antwort

my battery has started leaking and it ate through the plastic of the holder! No wonder it stopped working….. And its -35 outside so I really don’t feel like getting a new battery. Removing the back is completely unnecessary, but was good because mine was FILTHY inside. Its currently drying….

mannekin2001 - Antwort

Perfect!! Thank you very much! I could never have done this on my own, but with your instructions I got right the first time! You’re good at this!

Lee Hemphill - Antwort

Col Sodastream Source non serve smontare tutto, basta svitare 2 viti del coperchio batteria e fare leva per farlo venire via.

Cercate su internet "Replace SodaStream 3V battery".

Massimo Antonio Carofano - Antwort

Steps 2 and 3 are unnecessary.

stevenhasty - Antwort

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