Your camera is a marvel of modern technology but a tiny rock or a stick can ruin it all. Don't let that happen to you. This viewfinder window is there to protect the more delicate optics behind the cover and is designed to take the hit so the more expensive pieces do not become damaged. Use this guide to replace this piece if you have damaged it accidently. If you damaged it on purpose... well... ok it is your camera whatever floats your boat man; you can still use this guide to replace the part however.



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  1. Look at the camera.
    • Look at the camera.

    • Where is this piece?

    • Well, its the rubber cover on the eye viewer.

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  2. Slide the rubber piece off, carefully that is!
    • Slide the rubber piece off, carefully that is!

    • There may be a slight pop, but no worries!

    • It's all good

    • Let's continue.

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    • Once the rubber piece has been removed, inspect the area.

    • If everything looks fine, go ahead and slide the new rubber piece on the same way the old piece was slipped off.

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    • After you have removed the viewfinder cover you can easily see the viewfinder window.

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    • Now you will have to put that screw driver to good use.

    • Be sure to remove all four screws and keep them somewhere you won't lose them.

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    • Grasp the side of the window with either a set of tweezers or your fingers. Lift upwards and slightly towards the base of the camera.

    • The should lift off and can now be easily replaced.

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    • to reinsert the window push inward and slightly forward. There is a tab on the camera that the window must catch on in order to be put into place.

    • Now simply repeat steps 3, 2 , and 1 in reverse order.

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To reattach this part repeat steps one, two and three in reverse order.

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