Remove battery cover
  • Remove battery cover

    • Press down firmly with thumb and slide cover back

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Remove 4 screws from battery chamber
  • Remove 4 screws from battery chamber

    • Red - Phillips 0 screwdriver

    • Blue - Torx 6 screwdriver

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  • Gently pry off back casing

    • Note: work shim or flathead screwdriver around entire seam before attempting to pull off casing. This will reduce the chance of cracking the casing.

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  • Remove casing to expose camera components

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  • Gently pry open front casing by working a small shim or flathead screwdriver along the entire seam

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  • Remove front casing by gently lifting it from the phone

    • Be careful not to pull off any other delicate pieces

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  • Keypad should be easy to remove

    • Caution: LCD screen is very fragile. Be careful not to catch the keypad on it while removing.

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  • Remove screws holding the screen in place

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  • Gently lift the base of the keypad to remove it

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  • Gently pull up the green film.

    • Avoid the joystick

    • The LCD screen will be attached to this film and come off with it.

  • Caution: LCD screen is very fragile. Handle with care.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Works perfectly, thank you guys!

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