Sony Ericsson X10 - how to disassemble the phone and replace the Touchscreen Glass.

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Switch-off the phone.
  • Switch-off the phone.

  • Remove the battery.

  • Unscrew 8x T6 Torx screws.

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Use a Plastic Pry or other plastic tool to unhook the back housing / bezel and remove it.
  • Use a Plastic Pry or other plastic tool to unhook the back housing / bezel and remove it.

  • Tip - try prying it open from the top and over to the side. It can be very tight if you are doing this for the first time. The volume rocker and camera button are not part of the housing, so try going around it.

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  • Remove the Volume Up/Down and Camera buttons.

  • Unhook the SIM & SD Card reader unit and disconnect the flex cable.

Remove sim card and SD card tray beforehand to avoid damaged to them

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  • Remove the Audio jack connector.

  • Disconnect 4x flex cables:

    • LCD Display

    • Menu buttons

    • Touchscreen

    • Earpiece, Volume & Power On buttons

  • Carefully remove the mother board.

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before you can remove the mainboard, there are two nozzles at both sides of it, you have to unhook !!

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He's right edit that in

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  • Use a heat gun or a hairdryer and warm the glass.

  • With a cutter carefully make a room between the glass and the frame to insert a Plastic Pick.

  • Slowly separate the Touchscreen from the frame.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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