This guide details the steps necessary to replace the flex cable that connects the LCD screen to the motherboard on a Sony Handycam DCR-HC30. This can be a fairly complex replacement if the correct tools are not used.

To begin, the LCD screen must be removed.
  • To begin, the LCD screen must be removed.

  • Bring the LCD screen to the fully open position.

  • Remove the three 5 MM Phillips #1 screws on the front of the LCD screen.

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Flip the camera with the lens facing up.
  • Flip the camera with the lens facing up.

  • Turn the LCD screen so you can see the 5 MM Phillips #1 screw on the inside; remove the screw.

  • Spin the LCD screen around to get the 5 MM Phillips #1 screw in the same place on the other side.

  • Use the plastic opening tool to gently separate the back of the screen from the unit.

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  • The parts are very small and fragile and can break easily.

  • With the back off, spin the LCD screen back around.

  • Using the plastic opening tool, gently lift up the holder that keeps the ribbon in place.

  • Gently slip the ribbon from its housing.

  • When this step is completed the camera will separate from the LCD screen. From here on you will only be working with the camera itself.

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  • With the LCD screen off the unit it is time to work on the rest of the screws.

  • Face the camera with the viewfinder towards you.

  • Remove the five 5 MM Phillips #1 screws circled here.

  • Flip the camera where the bottom faces toward you.

  • Remove these four circled 5 MM Phillips #1 screws.

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  • Remove the last 5 MM Phillips #1 screw that is somewhat hidden in the resting place of the LCD screen.

  • For the next step make sure to be careful so as to not break any of the clips that hold the camera's two halves together.

  • With the bottom of the camera facing you grasp each half of the camera and gently pull the halves apart.

  • There will be some slight popping sounds as the clips release.

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  • Remove the two 5 MM Phillips #1 screws found on the underside according to the picture.

  • Gently slip the flex cable out of its housing (indicated at the orange circle).

  • Lift the plastic covering on the hinge where the LCD screen had previously been.

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  • Flip the camera upside down and face the LCD screen side toward you.

  • Remove the flex cable assembly and thread the cable through the opening.

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  • Using the spudger, depress the clips within the holes as shown. Make sure to flip the assembly over and do the other side as well.

  • While grasping the metal section of the assembly, remove the plastic covering that was attached with the clips.

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  • While grasping the metal assembly, gently unravel the flex cable.

  • The flex cable is tightly wound around a metal rod in the center of the assembly.

  • Remove the flex cable from the assembly.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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