This guide will show Sony Vaio owners how to repair individual keys on their keyboard.


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Open your computer.
  • Open your computer.

    • Make sure the computer is turned off.

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Find the broken key.
  • Find the broken key.

    • The S key is our example though it is not broken.

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  • Insert the plastic spudger underneath the edge of the key.

  • Lift the key until it pops off on all four corners. There should be a white plastic base underneath the key.

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  • Orient replacement key over the white plastic base, so it is aligned properly with the other keys.

  • Press the replacement key firmly in the center until it is completely depressed and attached to the key base.

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  • Test the key by releasing the key. It should pop up and look like the rest of the keys on the keyboard.

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Congratulations! You have successfully replaced a key on your keyboard.

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