Removing the back panel on the laptop allows access to the inner components.


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  1. Power off the laptop.
    • Power off the laptop.

    • Unplug the charging cable and any other cables plugged into the laptop.

    • Failure to remove or unplug any cables could result in electric shock.

    • Turn the laptop over so that the back panel is facing upwards.

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  2. Locate two switches above the battery that lock it into place.
    • Locate two switches above the battery that lock it into place.

    • Push the left-hand switch, that says "lock" above it, so that it is unlocked.

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    • Push and hold the right-hand switch, which says "release" above it, and lift the battery up out of its place.

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    • Locate and unscrew the two highlighted 8 mm Phillips #1 screws.

    • There will be three dots next to the desired screws

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    • Grip the cover of the optical drive and slide it out.

    • If it does not come out, do not force it. Double check to make sure the screws are entirely removed.

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    • Remove all the 8mm Phillips #1 screws on the backside of the laptop.

    • There are three 3mm and two 5.3mm screws under the battery that also need to be taken out.

    • There are three 3mm screws under the optical drives that also need to be taken out.

    • Remove the RAM panel in addition to the other screws. For further instructions, refer to the RAM replacement guide.

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    • Pry along the edges of the back panel using the spudger.

    • If you are struggling to remove the back panel with a moderate amount of force, do NOT apply any additional force, instead double check to make sure all the screws were removed before attempting again.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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