Increasing the capacity of your hard drive can improve your computer's performance.

Note: our computer did not contain a hard drive, so we just point to the hard drive bay in this guide.


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Position the laptop screen-side down as shown.
  • Position the laptop screen-side down as shown.

  • In this position the battery housing will be located on the right hand side.

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Lift the panel up and then out to gain access to the battery.
  • Lift the panel up and then out to gain access to the battery.

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  • Use the indentations to pull the old battery out.

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  • The battery is now removed and it is safe to move on to uninstalling other components.

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  • There are two screws on the left hand side of the laptop near the IR (Infared remote) receiver (see image). Remove them using a Phillips #00 Screwdriver.

  • Slide the speaker panel towards the left, then carefully flip it over onto the keyboard.

  • Make sure not to pull the speaker panel away from the computer just yet - it is still connected!

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  • On the inside of the speaker panel, using a spudger, push the beige tab in the direction of the ribbon. It should only move a small amount.

  • Remove the ribbon by gently pulling on it, there should be little or no resistance.

  • Now the speaker panel can be set aside.

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  • Remove the metal screw that will be located at the red circle.

  • Pull on the green strip, and the keyboard should come free easily.

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  • We had a bit of a surprise when we opened our Sony. The hard drive was missing! While this is common practice when disposing of or selling a computer, it means that we're unable to show you what the hard drive looks inside the laptop.

  • If a hard drive was present, it would attach to the motherboard by the shown connector.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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