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Over-charging or other stuff stuck would easily lead to a damage to the USB Board of Sony Xperia X. This video will show you how to repair the uncharged Sony Xperia X Charging Port.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hihi i just completed this guide Yea

Had so attention point for the video. Hope these wil make it easier for the people that are a little hasiteant when it come to prying stuff lose

When taking out the motherboard there is some thermolpaste under the upper right chip, so it wont pop out like the video and i had to carefully pry it lose.

Also under the part he takes out at 01:35 was a little glue for me so again carefully pry it lose.

Super Guide with out it i probably would have bought a new phone and now i made it work again.

Django van Leeuwen - Antwort

Hi there

What is the blue membrane you put on the back cover?

Liwaa Alnashi - Antwort

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