Du kannst dein Gerät auf Werkseinstellungen zurücksetzen und dabei entscheiden, ob du deine persönlichen Daten ebenfalls löschen möchtest oder nicht. Manchmal ist dies ebenfalls nötig, wenn das Gerät nicht mehr korrekt funktioniert.


Kein Ersatzteil erforderlich.



    • Falls dein Gerät nicht mehr reagiert, kannst du es zu einem Neustart zwingen. Hierbei werden keine Einstellungen oder persönliche Daten gelöscht.

      • Abdeckung des Micro SD Kartenslots

      • Abdeckung der Micro USB Buchse

      • Abdeckung des Micro SIM-Kartenslots

    • Öffne die Abdeckung des Micro SIM-Kartenslots und du siehst einen kleinen roten Punkt. Drücke ihn und das Gerät kündigt mit drei Vibrationen einen Neustart an.

    Try already but the red small button is not functioning..and totally not open..but if I charge is OK..

    Roda Ledesma Dumayag - Antwort

    I try already to preS's that red small button but no responce..totally shutdown if I charge mobile is OK..but not open..tnx

    Roda Ledesma Dumayag - Antwort


    • Öffne die Einstellungen und wähle Backup & Reset

    • Du kannst wählen, ob deine Daten gesichert werden wollen (dafür brauchst du einen Google Account).

    • Nach dem Zurücksetzen auf Werkseinstellungen startet das Gerät neu.

    I'm dumb and put my phone in water help

    I am so stupid

    Nghtdestroyer Flashman - Antwort

    I am dumb and put my phone in water help

    I am so. Dumb

    Nghtdestroyer Flashman - Antwort


Arbeite die Schritte in umgekehrter Reihenfolge ab, um dein Gerät wieder zusammenzubauen.

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I will alrrady presss red bottan then he 3time vibration after no responses. Why I want to broken my pattern lock ...pls help

ansarigroups63 - Antwort

the same as yours

Tioti Aukitino -

forget my paaword

Tioti Aukitino -

i cant get into my menu

roelienesterhuyse48 - Antwort


اصول صحیح مطالعه

mirmahdi jafari - Antwort

Normally if you press for 5 sec the ON/OFF button and Volume + button , It will Soft reset

Kendrick XY - Antwort

it worked :) thaks!

heraa -

It worked for Z1 Compact, thanks

Ariadie Chandra -

Hey I have z1 when I touch settings operate speaking also how can I fix it ?

fanu malik - Antwort

my touch screen is not functioning how to fix this?

mordz9 - Antwort

I've done all this several times but still no luck my son's phone has a number pin and we have no code for it and it's not doing a factory reset how can I fix it

michelle wibley - Antwort

Try what i suggested below :) Hope that helps

Freddie Mckewen -

If you have signed into your google account on your phone, you should be able to sign into Android Device Manager: https://www.google.com/android/deviceman..., here you will be able to do a password removal and/or a factory reset in which everything on the phone is deleted.

Hope everything works now :)

Freddie Mckewen - Antwort

Whenever I try to start my phone this thing appears that tells me something like"optimizing app"and so on...but it just goes on and on and I can't get to start my phone normally

emmanuela - Antwort

Please help me

emmanuela - Antwort

Why is that, everytime i press ' erase everything' the 'Confirmation of PIN' will pop-up, but i dont have pin that register. Help! What to do?!

refulgentel - Antwort

Also, the problem of my xperia z1 is that, when i open it it just stay good for 15secs. Then it says ' (etc. Not responding) then it gives 2 options, one is WAIT and the other is OK, then if i press ok and wait. The screen will turn black. Then it will restart automatically again and again.

refulgentel - Antwort

refulgentel: I got exactly the same problem since yesterday, I tried to do the hard reset( with 3 different methods) but that's didnt worked

maxime.debritomontenegro - Antwort

Fouond any solution ? Same here

kacmar -

I have problem with mobile SONY Z1. I want to Factory data reset. But Its asking for confirmation code..

Kindly help.

tahir - Antwort

I think the Xperia Z hasn't got a hardware button, can't find it in any port

Joey Ros - Antwort

Hi, I want to do the factory data reset my phone sony experia z1.

After click erase everything button, it request to confirm password?

but it pop up try again.

which password should i use?

baby_sally87 - Antwort

Hi I forgot my password .

Now how to open my phone

Jd Dewan - Antwort

the above procedures doesnt work at all. had to use Sony PC Companion software and select Repair Device to reset/erase the phone.

Chee Koon Teo - Antwort

Not it will not work, because it will appear type pascode.

Kujtim Morina (Bacakujt) -

my sony z1 automatic shut down,software change,battery change,other than the board the whole changed same problem.

but main camera removing mobile ready

camera fixing,or camera changing same problm

eany solution?

Perfect Sr - Antwort

When i put my card sim in he begin dowing stufs . Can i fix it pls help me.

Ahmed bouka - Antwort

i cant on my phone. Its keep on and off.. How to do hard reset

Mohd Fairuz - Antwort

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