Sony Xperia Z2 (D6502, D6503, and D6543) - How to disassemble the phone and replace the Earpiece.

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Switch off the phone.
  • Switch off the phone.

  • If you can't switch it off, you can use the OFF button near to the SIM card Tray.

  • Warm the Back Cover. You can use a hairdryer.

  • Be careful, the Back Cover is plastic.

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Use a small suction cup and plastic tools for separating the Rear panel.
  • Use a small suction cup and plastic tools for separating the Rear panel.

  • There is Adhesive tape on the edges of the phone and some between the Battery and the Back Cover, as well. I found a small tab to pull just inside the top of the cover that removed the adhesive and released the back panel from the battery. Its that same style adhesive strip as used in the Iphone 5/5c/5s.

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  • Before installing the new cover, you must clean the phone from the old adhesive tape and install a new one (if your spare part has come without double sided adhesive tape).

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Should include the information about the NFC antenna.

Sounds like a dealbreaker for some people.

Diogo Pinheiro - Antwort

What about it?

Makos - Antwort

Did you use the custom adhesive or the 3M double sided tape?

kelvinteohbc - Antwort

  • Disconnect one by one:

    • Magnetic Charging Dock Flex Cable

    • Volume / Power Button and Microphone Flex Cable

    • Main Camera

    • Audio Jack and Light Sensor Flex cable

    • Coaxial Antenna Cable

I know it should probably be obvious, but just make sure you’ve removed any MicroSD card and the SIM card tray before trying to lift out the board, as otherwise they’ll prevent it from lifting :)

Also, I had to peel off one side of the strip of black tape at the top right (visible in the photos, but not mentioned)

Edward Millen - Antwort

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Would be nice with a comment on how to remove the earpiece.

Since the phone is waterresistance the headjack and earpiece are taped to the body which makes that you need to buy a new sparepart, but look out on ebay that you get a part with tape to it.

Claes - Antwort

After having done the removal of the earpiece you will have to, either buy a new adhesive for the earpice or a new earpiece. But be aware some spareparts are sold without adhesive.

Claes -

I accidentally torn apart one of the cables( vibrate cable:the brown one) I'm messed up! Vibration not working. What can I do? Where can I buy one of those cables? Please reply!

Mahtab - Antwort

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