Diese Anleitung hilft dir Schritt für Schritt durch den Austauschprozess des LCD Bildschirms deines Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Mit Hilfe von diesem Video kannst du selbst deinen kaputten Xperia Z3 Compact Bildschirm reparieren.

Beachte dass dieses Video den Austausch der Einheit aus LCD und Touchscreen beschreibt. Eine weniger übliche Möglichkeit ist, die Einheit aus "Bildschirm+Touchscreen+"Midframe" zu ersetzen, die es manchmal komplett zu kaufen gibt.

Es ist auch möglich, (aber viel schwieriger), nur den Touchscreen auszutauschen und das funktionierende LCD beizubehalten. Man braucht dazu spezielle Werkzeuge. Das Verfahren wird hier nicht beschrieben.


  1. Erhitze entlang den Kanten der Rückabdeckung, um den Kleber aufzuweichen.
    • Erhitze entlang den Kanten der Rückabdeckung, um den Kleber aufzuweichen.

      • Empfohlene Temperatur: 120-150°C für 60 Sekunden.

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  2. Setze den Saugnapf auf und ziehe daran, während du das Smartphone festhältst, um eine Lücke zu öffnen.
    • Setze den Saugnapf auf und ziehe daran, während du das Smartphone festhältst, um eine Lücke zu öffnen.

    • Stecke ein Plektron in die Lücke, um den Kleber unter dem Rückgehäuse zu lösen.

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    • Nimm die Rückwand ab.

    • Beim Wiederzusammenbau das Telefon über Nacht mit etwas beschweren, um eine bessere Haftung des neuen Klebestreifens zu garantieren.

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    • Bereite das Entfernen des hinteren Rahmens vor:

      • Löse die NFC Antenne ab

      • Schiebe das Informationsetikett zur Seite.

    • Entferne alle Schrauben und bewahre sie auf.

    • Info für den Wiederzusammenbau: Die zwei silbernen Schrauben gehören an den Rand des Rahmens, die drei goldenen nach oben und unten.

      • Entfernen des hinteren Rahmens: hole ihn vorsichtig heraus. Benutze zum Hebeln z.B. einen Spudger.

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    • Löse das Flexkabel zum Akku.

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    • Löse den Stecker des LCD Bildschirms.

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    • Zum Entfernen des Bildschirms wird wie beim Entfernen der hinteren Abdeckung vorgegangen, allerdings ist es ein wenig schwieriger. Erhitze die Bildschirmkanten für etwa drei Minuten, ziehe mit dem Saugheber den Bildschirm hoch und trenne, falls nötig den Kleber ab.

      • Passe auf, wenn du den Bildschirm entfernst: Der Ohrhörer-Lautsprecher ist daran befestigt. Verliere ihn nicht.

      • Wenn dein Bildschirm geborsten oder gebrochen ist, dann achte darauf, dass du dich nicht an den Splittern schneidest.

    • Warum enthält der ausgebaute Bildschirm den Ohrhörer? Die Antwort darauf ist, dass der Ohrhörer direkt auf dem Touch Panel angebracht ist, und nicht mit einem Rahmen am Hauptflexkabel ( wie z.B. die Kameras).

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    • Teste zunächst deinen neuen Bildschirm. Schließe ihn an das Hauptflexkabel an und schalte das Smartphone ein. Wenn alles funktioniert, kannst du ihn wieder abschalten, sonst musst du dich an den Verkäufer des Bildschirms wenden.

    • Löse vorsichtig den Ohrhörer-Lautsprecher aus der Klebeverbindung zum Bildschirm, indem du ihn vorsichtig abziehst. Merke dir seine genaue Position auf der Rückseite des Bildschirms, du musst ihn genauso auf dem neuen Bildschirm festkleben.

      • Idealerweise entfernst du den Ohrhörer-Lautsprecher mit seinem Kleber, da du ihn ja am neuen Bildschirm wieder festkleben musst, wenn du das Gerät wieder zusammenbaust. Durch Klebstoff bleibt der Ohrhörer-Lautsprecher an seinem Platz.

      • Bevor du das Gerät wieder endgültig zusammenbaust, musst du sicher sein, dass der Ohrhörer-Lautsprecher korrekt sitzt und richtig angeschlossen ist. Ansonsten wirst du nichts hören und nicht richtig telefonieren können.

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    • Der Mittelrahmen muss völlig sauber sein. Kleberreste verhindern, dass der neue Bildschirm gut hält.

    • Trage den Kleber der Frontscheibe vorsichtig auf. Beginne an einem Ende des Smartphones, egal ob oben oder unten, dann langsam an den Seitenkanten des Mittelrahmens entlang.

    • Drücke zum Schluss den Bildschirm gut fest.

      • Achtung: Drücke nicht zu stark im Bereich oben um den Ohrhörer-Lautsprecher. Der Bildschirm ist dort besonders zerbrechlich.

      • Vergiss nicht das Informationetikett wieder anzubringen!

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Be really careful placing the glue/sticker for the front cover to go back on, I had a small ruck underneath and it cracked my replacement screen, so annoyed! Other than that everything is pretty easy.

Benjamin Brace - Antwort

so true,

also to note is the earpiece speaker sits below the plane of the glass if you remove the existing adhesive on the earpiece. when pressing down the new glass in this area, it's soo easy to break your brand new replacement screen because of the depression. in my opinion, Xperia phones have an excessively fragile construction and very brittle, thin glass..

Andrew -

My screen was broken so unable to switch of phone so switched screen with power on.

When the screen was replaced everything seemed Ok but the digitizer/touch did not work so I thought I had zapped the screen.

I then disconnected - reconnected the battery and cold rebooted the phone and that got the digitizer working.

So I suggest that You disconnect the battery before connecting the new screen to ensure the power is off

Ingemar 1508027

Ingemar - Antwort

are this devise water proof after it and what is the name of the Glue that u used for glue the new lcd

sajad alipoor -

You magnificent responder!!! I totally panicked when everything worked except for the touch part of my screen, then I just detached and reattached the battery and now everything works perfectly. Thank you!

Steven Hunsche -

I have the same problem with unworking touch / digitizer. But disconnecting then connecting the battery has no effect. So I try with a new LCD / digitizer assembly spare part and the touchscreen is still unresponsive... Anybody have a suggestion to help me ? Thanks.

Kev -

This is really interesting and shows why I'd rather someone else did the job! However it also shows why I've had 3 repairs on this phone as the people who did it have set the screen in such a way that its cracks easily. The last time it had a tempered glass protector on top, which did not crack, suggesting the tension was from underneath.

petrolheadbabe - Antwort

I found this very difficult.

The digitizer had cracked and was unresponsive in an area of the screen, so I tried to replace just the digitizer as the LCD was in perfect working order.

The digitizer needed separating from the LCD and the glue is very strong and needed to be heated for quite a while until it was malleable.

I didn't manage to get the glue between them to be clear (I ended up with a rainbow effect) and I managed to damage the LCD controller when reassembling the digitizer/LCD assembly.

The connector between the digitizer and LCD is very fiddly to reconnect, especially when folding it back over to seat it in the main housing; and the seal around the front panel was unsatisfactory.

I gave up in favour of a professional repair!

IanW - Antwort

Where did you end up getting the phone repaired? I think i have the same problem you had & i think it would be easier if i sought professional help.

angelica cerchie -

Issues I had:

+ The top front glass was pretty shattered, so I wasn't able to pry off the screen at that point. I had to do it from the sides and then sort of rip it off at the point where it was shattered.

+ It was non-trivial to create a little enclosure thing for the microphone to have the right contact with the front glass. I ended up making one out of wall tack (adhesive putty). Maybe it's possible to just keep the original on?

+ I had to manually remove all traces of adhesive from the inside of the back cover before putting on the new adhesive.

+ For both the front and back, I failed on the first attempt to put the adhesive on as straight as I would have liked. I ended up having to put in an extra order and wait for another set of stickers to arrive. I recommend you are very careful, or just order two of each sticker (they're cheap!).

Thanks for the guide!

gmm - Antwort

My Z3C screen became loose on upper-left corner. Do I still need to remove back cover too? Or would separating only screen and changing adhesive seal seems possible? As I understand from the guide that will be more logical way in my case yet I couldn't be sure with it.

Any suggestion is welcome.

(I've nearly forget to tell that I also very appreciate for this guide )

Harun C - Antwort

Same happened to me, really interested in an answer to the question! Do I need to remove the back cover when I only need a new sticker on the screen?

slattsveen -

After I received my stickers, I only remove my screen from its frame without separating from board. Then I cleaned the frame and place the sticker from top to down of the phone, cut the seal from a point to get it around of screen cord. Then I did this with second seal because I couldn't trust my cheap seal. That cause a tiny bit more bump for framing around my screen and I had to push down a litte for a cleaner seating. As I've forget to support screen under the middle/centre of it, I can feel a little bit more bending in center. This way is more tricky but with a little more care, it would sealed perfectly

Harun C -

You could try, but the likelihood of not getting the screen adhesive right and making a mess of the whole thing is high.

I would follow the whole procedure, it’s a bit long but not very hard.

In any case, get more than one screen adhesive, so that you can fail and retry if needed. I find that putting the adhesive on the screen/backpane is the part that requires most precision, in the end.

axel -

my Z3 compact screen became loose on upper!!

but more interesting is that upper speaker doesn't work in playin music!!

Are these two problems are related?

Farhad Rahbaran - Antwort

the "upper speaker" your referring is most likely the earpiece for hearing someone when you're in a phone call. (in order for the earpiece to work correctly, the front glass needs to put enough pressure for the earpiece contacts to make a connection) if your glass is not seated properly it won't put the pressure needed for the earpiece contacts.

the "loud speaker" on the bottom of the phone is where the music will come from.


Andrew -

My z3 compact doesn't working (sorry for my english.) . Today i change the screen but the display doesn't working ,is all black, instead the phone is on . I lose the earpiece. Can you solve the problem ,please? I dont't what is the problem...

Riccardo Nocella - Antwort

You need to make sure that lcd screen flex well connected. I think you broken earpiece when teardown the screen.

Witrigs -

I replace me cracked sreen for new lcd but screen is black

Ivan Milo - Antwort

- Zuerst Display kleben (in meinem Fall 24 St. trocknen lassen, s. unten), dann erst den connector einklicken/verbinden

- es gibt 2 größere Schrauben, merken, wo sie hinhgehören

- den Lautsprecher nicht auf Display kleben, einfach ins Body in dafür vorgesehene Versenkung legen, bleibt dann automatisch auf der richtigen Stelle kleben

- zum Kleben "Marina Aquarium Silicone Sealant" = Aquarien Silikonkleber benutzen.

1. Den alten Kleber, Schmutz, Fett mit Isopropanolum aus der Apotheke entfernen

2. Display ankleben, 5-10 Min. mit der Hand zudrücken, dann 24 Stunden unter schweren Bücher trocknen lassen,

3. Den nächsten Tag den connector anschließen (testen - ein/ausschalten) die hintere Akku Glasabdeckung auf die gleiche Weise ankleben, wieder 24 St. trocknen lassen.

Martin tuttist - Antwort

Hi. The screen of my z3 stopped to work cause some water get inside it. The touch was working but there was no images on the screen. So I changed the screen with a new one following this guide. But it the same thing. The touch works fine but the screen doesn't. Can be the new screen broken? Or the problem is somewhere else?

Nicolas S - Antwort

Those who has replaced the screen and still have no backlight, this might be helpful:

No backlight after screen replacement z3 xperia compact

awataraz - Antwort

Do I need the backcover sticker and the adhesive strip, or just one of the two?

Tzadik Azaria - Antwort

They are usually sold together. I don't know you could buy seperately but either way you would need both because strip-glues are different for front and back. I guess 3M has "universal" strip that you can apply by cutting to shorter strips.

Harun C -

I have recently replaced my z3 compact's LCD screen. While assembling it I discovered a part that I am unfamiliar with and do not know where to place it. Please see the below links of pics of the part and advise me where I should place it




Juan Botha - Antwort

No worries, I have solved the placement of the part.

Juan Botha -

Hello ladies and gentlemans, i had a recent problem with the new glasses i got for my z3 compact. Everything was working good again and stuff, then ... the phone fallen down like a little, nothing enough to break this little and precious z3 compact glass, but actualy there are some vertical white lines covering everything on the screen.

The touch screen is working and stuff, there is just those white line making things you do on the phone impossible to see/read.

Is there something broken inside or just a bad contact to the lcd, just let me know pretty please.

I had to change the screen 3times now so if someone can help it would be a really kind thing to do (Sorry for bad english btw hope you understand).

Gabin Martinez - Antwort

basically you broke the LCD again. Z3C is one of the worst designed phones I've come across. I stopped offering this repair as they simply all break, far too easily. I suggest moving on from this device. life is too short.

Andrew -

Good tutorial, but the video clears some things up - the pictures are not enough - as some users reported specific issues / some points that are very important.

Touch didn't work, only after disconnecting the battery- so maybe that should be done anyway before installing the new screen.

Benjamin Klomfass - Antwort

Thank you for this fantastic guide! After I performed this repair (screen+LCD replacement on Xperia Z3 compact), everything seems to work on my phone except for two things: when I make a phone call people can't hear me and I can't hear them. If I make the call via Skype or Google Hangouts then voice transmission works both ways. It appears that I have disconnected something specific to voice calls during the repair. Thanks for letting me know if you think of a fix!

Nicolas - Antwort

Worked like a charm! Obviously the phone is no longer water resistant because I don't trust my newly applied adhesive as much as the factory-installed one, but other than that, I got this phone 100% working again!

Francesco Barbieri - Antwort

ich habe dieses Problem mit meinem Z3 Compact.

das Handy fiel mir aus der Hand und danach war das Display defekt, aber noch an. Es war nicht viel zu erkennen und die Beleuchtung war an. Kumpel hat das Display raus gebaut und ein neues verbaut. Seit dem geht gar nichts mehr. Ich habe zwei weitere Displays gekauft und das selbe Ergebnis. Das angeschlossene Display geht nicht an und auch die Beleuchtung nicht. was kann ich machen damit das Handy wieder an geht? da meine gesamten Daten und alles noch auf dem Gerät sind und das Gerät noch immer eingeschaltet ist. Was bedeutet Benachrichtigungen und Anrufe gehen weiterhin auf das Handy ein, aber ohne Display nicht zu beantworten. Ich war auch bei einem Handyladen der Reparaturen anbietet aber wurde zur Tür raus geschickt, da das Display bereits entfernt wurde...

MHL Adapter habe ich mir auch schon gekauft womit ich wenigstens den Inhalt des Displays auf dem TV sehe aber mir fehlt die Möglichkeit mit einer Maus den Pin für die Tastensperre einzugeben.

Stefan Hennicken - Antwort

J’ai changé moi même mon écran, ce n’est pas si galère que ça et au final, tout s’est bien passé !

J’ai acheté mon écran original SONY + dalle LCD + outils sur ebay chez mobilestore66 pour 39 euros (livré en 48 heures en France)

Toujours sur ebay : un peu de colle B7000 (3,5 euros), adhésif avant/arrière (1,5 euros en chine, prévoir 3 semaines pour la livraison), et ce n’était pas utile mais j’ai aussi acheté le kit ifixit “Essential Electronics Toolkit Smartphone Tablet Réparation Pentalobe” (25 euros)

macgyver07 - Antwort

Something that is worth mentioning is removing the battery connector before connecting the screen! While testing everything worked fine, so I disconnected it to put the stickers in place and afterwards the screens (both old and new) didnt work anymore!

Turned out that the backlight had broken, according to the phoneshop i went to it’s a pretty common mistake seen with replacing screens… Luckily it’s fixable by soldering a bridge over the backlight fuse but it’s stupid as it could’ve been prevented if it was mentioned in this article.

F Verkleij - Antwort

Thanks for this comment—that seems like a pretty serious oversight on the part of the guide author. I’ve added a step for disconnecting the battery.

Jeff Suovanen -

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