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  1. Entferne die sechs 4,5 mm Gamebit Schrauben an der Bodenplatte des Systems.
    • Entferne die sechs 4,5 mm Gamebit Schrauben an der Bodenplatte des Systems.

    In order to prevent damage to the fuse, make sure that you always cycle the power before doing so with the power supply disconnected.

    Raucedine - Antwort

    There is a step missing from these instructions. There are two philips head screws where the AV/Power ports are on the back of the motherboard that need to be removed before you can remove the motherboard itself.

    phoenixknight8082 - Antwort

    I replaced my controller port, thinking that it was the culprit, but my SNES is still having issues. Nothing works for controller port 1 and only a few buttons work for controller port 2. I tried switching out the controllers and the issue seems to be isolated to the SNES itself. Does anyone have any other suggestions for fixing my issue?

    Thanks in advance.

    Mike Watts - Antwort

    For those facing a black screen on startup (after having cleaned pins on cartridges and cartridge slot) WITH power light coming on, turn off console, remove power, and try shorting out the capacitor leads. My SNES stopped working suddenly after a single power cycle, and shorting out the leads (while UNPOWERED) revived it.

    Austin Barnett - Antwort

    Could you further explain how to short the capacitor leads?

    Will Pulman -

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Hi, my name is Orlando, I'm writting of Perú, I have a question:

I can´t put the hinge of the top of that above part.

Please, can you help me, my mail is orla.davila12@gmail.com

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