1. Here are the tools you will need:
    • Here are the tools you will need:

      • A new roller wheel & hub piece.

      • Standard screwdriver.

      • 4mm Allen wrench.

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  2. Using Allen wrench, unscrew axle bolts from the inside of the luggage backing.
    • Using Allen wrench, unscrew axle bolts from the inside of the luggage backing.

    • Be careful not to let the inside screw fall into the inside roller tubing during the entirety of this procedure. We advise going slowly. Under no circumstances should this be performed with the damaged/missing wheel facing up.

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    • Turn luggage over and using Allen wrench, unscrew all 8 bolts on the back of luggage handle assembly. Remove handle frame from luggage body.

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    • Using the screwdriver, remove the two small screws in the metal part of the frame.

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    • Grasping the hub firmly, slide piece from metal frame. This may require the use of a hammer or other sturdy object, as the hubs are firmly placed in the metal frame.

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    • Insert new wheel and hub piece into the metal frame. May once again require a hammer to fit in the new piece snugly.

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    • Screw back in the small screws into the metal frame. Make sure the screws are properly aligned with the holes in the hub piece. This will ensure that the piece will stay in place and is secure.

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    • Place metal frame back onto the luggage body. Using the Allen wrench, screw in the 8 bolts back into the backing of the handle frame.

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    • Hooray! You're finished!

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