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Turn off the computer.
  • Turn off the computer.

  • Disconnect the charging cable from computer.

  • Failure to unplug the cable could result in electric shock.

  • Flip the computer upside down.

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Slide latches labeled #1 and #2, located outside the battery cover, away from each other.
  • Slide latches labeled #1 and #2, located outside the battery cover, away from each other.

  • Latch #1 will click over and stay while latch #2 will have to be held for battery to release.

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  • Gently lift and pull the battery out of the device.

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  • Locate hard drive cover opposite the battery on the lower left corner of the device.

  • Loosen 2 Phillips 4.2 mm size captive screws from cover.

  • Lift cover slightly from the edge where the screws are and pull slowly out and to the right, releasing it from its latches on the left.

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  • Locate the thin plastic tab folded on right side of hard drive case.

  • Hold plastic tab and gently pull tab slightly up and to the left to remove hard drive case from device.

  • To avoid damage to the hard drive or motherboard connectors; Do not pull plastic tab in a straight up direction.

  • The use of a anti-static wrist strap while working with the hard drive is advise to prevent electrostatic discharge(ESD) from damaging the hard drive.

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  • Remove 4 (2 on each side) Phillips 4.1 mm size screws from case.

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  • Slide case away from hard drive.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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