After unplugging the external power supply, this is the FIRST step in any laptop disassembly where the battery is accessible from the outside.

Turn the system over and locate the locking switches near the battery.
  • Turn the system over and locate the locking switches near the battery.

    • This switch is not spring-loaded. Slide it away from the battery to unlock.

    • This switch IS spring-loaded and will have to be held to release the battery. It slides in the opposite direction of the first switch.

  • The example here shows an after-market high-capacity battery. The procedure is the same, regardless.

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Follow this procedure in reverse to install the (new) battery. Note that the second switch will engage automatically upon install. The first switch will not and must be locked manually once the battery is in place.

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I have a Toshiba statellite click W35Dt-A3300 window 8.1

How do I take and put new battery in ?

eddiecabral32 - Antwort

Have you seen the Toshiba Satellite Click guides? This should be the battery guide you need: Toshiba Satellite Click Tablet Battery Replacement.

Sam Lionheart -

I have a Toshiba A356-S69253 and the battery after a long charge reads 7 - 13 % Charge. On rare occasion I see 97% but within a minute or two the computer shuts down. When I restart the charge is down to 3%. I am having uncontrolled shut down and other problem and suspect a battery problem

The Battery is built in. Can I change the battery? How much is a battery? Can someone else change the battery? How much $? The laptop is pretty old, is it worth trying to fix?

buschwa@aol.com 7/2/2017

buschwa - Antwort

Hvordan tager jeg batteri ud af en Toshiba Satellite L50D-A-10D

Birthe Kirkgaard - Antwort

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