Typical Toshiba and no service manuals available. The LCD on this laptop was removed for other purposes. This is a straight forward task and only requires minimal tools.


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Here is the Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5200
  • Here is the Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5200

  • Open the laptop with the LCD facing forward. There are four rubber caps, one in each corner

  • Removing the plugs reveal the Phillips screws

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Remove all four screws, tow on top left and right corner
  • Remove all four screws, tow on top left and right corner

  • One on the bottom left corner

  • and the bottom right corner.

  • Here are the four M3x5mm screws

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  • Use a plastic opening tool, or similar to pop the bezel of the LCD assembly

  • Continue to slide the tool all the way across the top

  • Once the bezel has been released from the tabs, it can be further released be applying some gently manual pulling

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  • Continue to pull gently on the sides

  • and finally on the bottom.

  • With all the tabs released the bezel can now be removed.

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  • Here is the LCD assembly without the bezel

  • Remove the Phillips screw that connects the LCD frame to the back cover. This is the left one

  • Remove the right one as well

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  • The LCD can now be moved forward and away from the rear cover

  • There are three screws on either side that hold the panel to the frame. Remove those

  • Here are the three M2x4 screws

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  • Remove the three Phillips screws on the right side as well.

  • with the screws removed the panel can now be moved out of the LCD frame. The LCD is still connected by the display cable.

  • The display cable is secured to the connector with some clear adhesive. Remove this frist

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  • Remove the display cable carefully.

  • With the display cable disconnected, the LCD can now be removed and replaced.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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