CMOS / BIOS Battery replacement for Toshiba Satellite C660 with video tutorial:


Disconnect the charger and the battery.
  • Disconnect the charger and the battery.

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Remov the narrow plastic lid and unscrew 4x Phillips screw.
  • Remov the narrow plastic lid and unscrew 4x Phillips screw.

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  • Remove the keyboard.

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  • This is the internal CMOS / BIOS battery. Use small screwdriver to remove it.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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what battery do i need

allan mccauley - Antwort

This is a CR2032 battery

Hyperion - Antwort

The receptacle that the battery goes into is loose and not making contact on the (+) terminal. This is a shoddy design. You can test it by pressing the receptacle down and powering the laptop. Works fine. You cannot solder the terminal for fear of upsetting the motherboard. Any solutions.

Until I find one, I continue to press F1, go to Control Panel and set the time and date every time I power on the laptop.

Hari Razdan - Antwort

same battery CR2032 for Toshiba sattelite L775 G10 ?


gagalot Eric - Antwort

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