If your keyboard is damaged or not working properly, it is fairly easy to replace.


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Close the laptop lid and flip the laptop over.
  • Close the laptop lid and flip the laptop over.

  • Switch the lock button on the left to the unlock position. (The unlock position is to the left side.)

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Push the release button to the right.
  • Push the release button to the right.

  • Hold the release button to the right and lift the battery out of its housing.

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  • Open the laptop so the keyboard is facing you and the locate the thin plastic cover located directly above the keyboard.

  • Using your fingers, remove this long piece of plastic gently.

  • Do not apply too much force when removing the cover piece as it can break.

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  • Remove the two 4.8 mm type-0 Phillips head screws located underneath the plastic cover piece.

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  • Starting at the top, gently raise the keyboard enough to remove it from the socket.

  • DO NOT pull out the keyboard after its out of its socket. The keyboard is connected to the hard drive through a data cable and removing forcefully could damage the cable and laptop.

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  • Locate the data cable that is connected to the motherboard.

  • Pull the white ZIF connector towards the screen to remove it.

  • Pull the black ribbon cable away from the screen.

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  • With the black ribbon cable now disconnected, remove the keyboard from its housing.

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Congratulations, you have removed the laptops original keyboard and can now replace it with a new one.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order with the new keyboard.

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It's not so easy to do step 3.

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