The keyboard is subject to some of the most abuse experienced by a laptop. Whether it is from over use or even water damage, the keyboard can stop working. With the removal a couple screws and the release of a few tabs, the keyboard can be replaced with little effort.


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Make sure the battery lock switch is switched to the unlocked position.
  • Make sure the battery lock switch is switched to the unlocked position.

    • The battery is unlocked when the battery lock switch is slid to the side with an image of an unlocked lock.

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Slide the battery release switch to the left.
  • Slide the battery release switch to the left.

  • The switch is spring loaded, so you must hold the switch in place while removing the battery.

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  • Using a finger, lift up the battery.

  • The battery release switch must be held in place.

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  • Remove the 5 Phillips screws holding the panel in place.

  • These screws are permanently fastened to the panel; they are designed to be removed only partially to avoid loss.

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  • Use a finger to remove the panel by lifting up on the provided removal tab.

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  • Remove the two screws holding the keyboard in place.

    • Two 5.7 mm Phillips screws.

  • 'KB' is written alongside the screw holes. This indicates the screws hold the keyboard in place.

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  • There are three tabs holding the keyboard in place.

    • They are located under the ESC, F8, and DEL keys.

  • Expose the tabs by pressing down on adjacent keys.

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  • While you press down the ESC key, push the tab with the spudger to release that side of the keyboard.

    • Use a finger to prevent the keyboard from locking back in place.

  • Repeat the previous step for the tabs under the F8 and DEL keys.

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  • Pick up the keyboard. This exposes a cable that connects the keyboard to the laptop.

  • Lift the keyboard gently. The cable connecting it to the computer is a ribbon. If pulled too hard, the ribbon may be damaged.

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  • Gently unplug the ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the laptop by pulling horizontally.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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