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  1. With the battery away from you, slide the locking clips out.
    • With the battery away from you, slide the locking clips out.

      • The left clip stays, the right clip is spring loaded.

    • Slide the battery away from you.

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  2. Use a spudger to carefully pry up the keyboard screw cover.
    • Use a spudger to carefully pry up the keyboard screw cover.

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    • Remove the two screws securing the keyboard to the chassis.

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    • Carefully tilt the keyboard towards you and release the ribbon cables.

    • Use a spudger if needed to release the latch. The latch slides out.

    • The keyboard is now free and can be set aside.

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    • Remove the five black screws

    • Remove the one silver screw

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    • Flip the laptop over so the bottom is facing up.

    • Using a spudger, remove the seven rubber inserts.

      • The feet only go in one location on the bottom of the laptop, so save yourself some time and track where they go.

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    • Remove the six silver screws.

    • Remove the one black screw.

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    • Stand the laptop up on end.

    • Remove the two rubber inserts from the back of the laptop. One insert is on each side of the laptop.

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    • Remove the two screews.

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    • Carefully work a spudger in the crack at the back of the laptop and separate the small rubberized section from the bottom of the laptop.

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    • Remove the four screws.

    • Disconnect the black wireless antenna lead.

    Two outer are larger in diameter…

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    • The bottom of the laptop is now ready to lift off.

    • Carefully work a spudger around the seam of the laptop separating the bottom from the rest of the laptop.

      • There is a data connection at the front of the laptop that needs to be disconnected.

      • Use a spuder to carefully disconnect the wire from the motherboard. Once this is free the bottom will come off.

    Another data connection at rear near battery…

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    • Locate the hard drive.

    • Remove the three screws.

    • Slide the hard drive out away from the motherboard connector.

      • Once the hard drive is disconnected it lifts out.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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