How to repair a loose power button.

Remove stylus and SD card.
  • Remove stylus and SD card.

  • Using T-5 torx driver, remove 4 back panel screws.

  • The screws are small and can be lost easily. Be sure to place them in a secure area.

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Begin to remove back cover by inserting the plastic opening tool under the usb and power input slots.
  • Begin to remove back cover by inserting the plastic opening tool under the usb and power input slots.

  • Continue by sliding the plastic opener to the right at the markers shown until the cover releases.

I think it's better to open from the right, not the left. The right will separate if you lever the metal back to the outside and push the plastic to the inside. The lft is more like a inge and would damage more easily.

Just my $0.02.

Yishai Sered - Antwort

  • Your device may not have a screen protector. If not, you do not need to complete step three. Please move on to step four.

  • Remove screen protector by lifting hinge out of plastic housing.

  • Remove top cover by gently pulling away from the device with plastic tool

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  • Carefully remove motherboard from the standoffs without damaging the LCD flex connector.

  • Using spudger( the black pencil-like tool shown in picture two), unlock both sides of the flex connector block (shown in the purple boxes in picture two) by pushing down.

  • Remove motherboard completely.

  • Metal washers may pop out of the device during this step

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  • Remove buttons using fingers.

  • Gently flex frame to release screen from plastic frame.

  • Lift out screen.

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  • Congratulations! You have successfully taken apart a Palm Tungsten E.

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  • On the motherboard, find the power button near the upper right corner.

  • Check for disconnection of the power button.

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  • Use soldering iron to reattach the damaged power button to the motherboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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