The speaker cone produces the sound that the user experiences. If it is damaged, users may experience static, reduced range of sound, or complete loss of sound.

Below are the costs of materials and some extra information:

Soldering Station: One of these for beginners will run anywhere from about $20 to $40. Each one is slightly different so I would recommend reading the description of one before you buy it. This will be used during the very last step and will help the wires re-solder onto the new speaker cone.

Phillips #0 Screw Driver: The screw driver will run you about $6, but just the bit will cost you about $3. The head of the screwdriver looks like a star with four points. This will be used to help remove the screws holding the front plate together.

T5 Torx Screw Driver: This screw driver costs $2.99. This screw driver has no extra sides at the end of the tip and is more or less just a point.

Speaker cone: According to amazon.com this will cost about $8 to $10. The one we are using is black, but color will vary depending on which one you buy.

WARNING: When working on the internal parts of the headphones, proceed with caution. Internal parts of the headphones are delicate and can be easily damaged or lost.

  1. Begin by placing your thumb on the plastic edge around the ear pad as shown  in the first image.
    • Begin by placing your thumb on the plastic edge around the ear pad as shown in the first image.

    • Get a good grip around the ear pad and gently separate it from the headset as shown in the second image.

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    • Apply the same instructions to remove the other foam pad off of the headset.

    • Make sure you continue to gently peel the ear pad from the headset until completely removed.

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    • A new speaker cone for these headphones will cost about $8 to $10 from amazon.com.

    • After removing the ear pads, unscrew the four Phillips head screws that hold the front plate on.

    • To avoid losing small screws, place them in a container.

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    • When removing the speaker cone plate, be careful not to drop it or put stress on the wires as they are very delicate.

    • Remove the speaker cone plate on a flat surface to prevent unnecessary stress on the wires.

    • The speaker cone is attached to the front plate. To replace, unsolder the wires from the two connection points.

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    • Replace the speaker cone carefully in place of the old one.

    • Consider tinning the wires before soldering them on to the new speaker cone.

    • Solder the wires back on to the new speaker cone.

    • Reassemble the front plate.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I couldn't find the speaker cone at amazon. Does anyone have a link?

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You need to buy a Broken Headset the use that to replace the speaker.

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