If it appears that the motherboard has failed, check all capacitors before considering a motherboard replacement. Replacing a capacitor is much cheaper (and faster) than buying a replacement motherboard from Vinotemp.


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  1. Remove nine 12mm Phillips screws from the upper back panel.
    • Remove nine 12mm Phillips screws from the upper back panel.

    • Remove three 12mm Phillips screws inset under the back panel.

    • As soon as the screws are removed, the panel will fall freely.

    • When replacing the twelve 12mm Phillips screws, do not tighten the fasteners until all twelve screws have been loosely fitted back onto the cooler. This will ensure the flimsy metal casing will not warp.

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  2. Power Cord Fastener
    • Power Cord Fastener

    • Ground

    • Motherboard

    • Heat Sink Fan

    • Heat Sink

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    • Remove two 7mm Hex Nuts.

    • Clearance is minimal and these screws are very tight. You will likely need a socket wrench to avoid stripping.

    • If the white plastic components stick, pry them apart with a metal spudger. Don't pull on the power cord to get plastic pieces to separate.

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    • Remove one 12mm Phillips screw securing ground.

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    • Remove power cable from motherboard.

    • Pinch cable connector to release it from the motherboard, then pull.

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    • Your power cord is removed.

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    • Remove heat sink fan cable connector.

    • Remove cold sink fan cable connector.

    • Remove temperature control board cable connector.

    • Remove temperature NTC cable connector.

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    • Remove four 12mm Phillips screws.

    • Once the four Phillips screws are removed, the motherboard will dangle there until you remove the heat sink. Be careful.

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    • Remove four 15mm Phillips screws.

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    • Cut zip tie binding wires together.

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    • Remove two 32mm Phillips screws.

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    • Remove heat sink slowly to avoid breaking cold sink fan cable.

    • Disconnect cold sink fan cable.

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    • The heat sink and motherboard are removed. Yay!

    • The Vinotemp VT-12TEDi has a very high rate of capacitor failure on the motherboard. Before buying a new motherboard:

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hello, I just recently repaired a Vino Temp VT-Humidor for a friend, based upon this article, and wanted to let others know that the VT-Humidor uses the same control board as shown in this repair article. At least the one from 2008 that I repaired does. I found one bad capacitor on the board, which seems to be the biggest failure mode. I am currently working on an Emerson FR966 for the same friend and while the circuit board isn’t exactly the same, it appears to be very similar and the board has the same URL for the mfg. www.hanny.com.cn as the board in the Vinotemp units. Will post again if/when I figure out the problem with the Emerson.

Thank You,


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