Although the Vivo X7 has an easy to remove battery, it is extremely difficult to open the phone, thus earning the phone a 6 out of 10 on the repairability scale.

Front and back reference shots.
  • Front and back reference shots.

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Extremely stiff clips keep the phone closed, even after removing the two T2 Torx screws.
  • Extremely stiff clips keep the phone closed, even after removing the two T2 Torx screws.

  • Use of metal tools may be required, which could damage the device during opening.

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  • View of the inside.

  • The only component in the rear case is a modular vibrator.

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  • Battery tabs are very handily labeled!

  • And very effective!

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  • Removing the speaker assembly from the daughterboard is simple enough, screws and light adhesive.

  • This foam tape appears to be a moisture barrier. Annoying for reassembly, but might protect against water damage.

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  • Daughterboard has significant adhesive. Headphone jack and charging port are soldered to the board, making for more expensive replacements of either component.

  • Under the daughterboard, home button bracket and home button come out easily.

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  • First layer of components off the top end of the phone is a ton of brackets.

    • The interconnect cables could be removed at this point as well.

  • Only the front facing camera and SIM eject lever are removable before the motherboard.

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  • Motherboard removed, only secured by screws.

  • Proximity sensor/flash blocks the rear camera connector and must first be removed.

  • Rear camera last thing off the main board.

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  • Final components off of the display are the interconnect cables and earpiece speaker.

  • The midframe-mounted fused display makes for an expensive part. The fact that it is the last part to be removed makes screen replacements time-intensive.

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  • The Vivo X7 earns a 6 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

    • Battery is fairly easily accessible and removable.

    • Parts could be more modular, especially mechanical/high wear components.

    • The opening procedure is extremely tough, clips are very stiff and likely to be broken.

    • The single unit display assembly is annoying to reach, and will be a costly part.

    • Manufacturer does not provide user-accessible repair documentation.

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