This guide provides the steps needed to disassemble the washing machine so that you can open the water drain pump.


    • Check machine details on the inside of the main door.

  2. Move washing machine away from wall to make rear and front accessible.
    • Move washing machine away from wall to make rear and front accessible.

    • Using Torx T20, unscrew two screws (top left and top right on rear side) .

    • Slide top backwards, lift it off, and put it aside.

    • Push down blue part in the middle to release the tray, and pull it out completely.

    • Unscrew three T20 screws; the one on the lower right is shorter.

    • Unhook three hooks at the top (two shown).

    • On the inside, on the right, there is another hook (marked), sitting between two guiding notches without hooks.

    • Release the cables by gently pressing the hooked guides. Note that the black part (marked by a rectangle) must be unlocked.

    • Finally, unlock the connector (e.g. with your nails or a flat-blade screwdriver) and pull it out.

    • Put the control panel aside.

    • The tumbler unit is freely suspended. Wedge a towel on the rear side behind the tumbler unit to immobilize it. This will prevent damage when tilting the washing machine later on.

    • DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE THIS when reassembling!

    • The rubber door seal is attached to the front cover by a metal wire and a spring.

    • Pry out the spring and pull away the wire.

    • Unpeel the seal all the way round, and tuck it inside.

    • The round door (front bottom right) for the drain tube and filter can be removed, by opening it completely, and gently pulling out the left side of the hinge.


    • Unscrew two T20 screws.

    • Unscrew two (T20) screws at the top.

    • Tilt the whole washing machine towards its rear side to expose the front bottom. Lean it against a wall.

    • Unscrew two (6mm hex-head) screws on the bottom.

    • The front cover is held in place by plastic hooked pins. Slightly lift the front cover to unhook it.

    • On the inside, unclip something, and pull out a connector (for the door lock). The plastic emergency door release comes out easily. The image shows this when clip and connector are already disconnected.

    • DO NOT FORGET TO PUT ALL THIS BACK on reassembly!

    • Remove the plastic strip that protects the bottom edge.

    • Unhook on the back, and tilt it forwards.

    • Note the guiding notches to help you put it back.

    • Unscrew one (T20) screw.

    • Tilt the plate back, and lift it. There is a hooked tab, and a guiding pin to help you reassemble the plate.

    • Pull out the drain tube.

    • Put the cover plate aside.

    • Pull the power connector from the pump.

    • Using pliers, loosen the clamp on the hose from the tumbler and slide it back.

    • Remove the hose.

    • BE PREPARED FOR SOME WATER (use a towel or bowl).

    • In my case, the pump inlet (where we just removed the hose coming from the tumbler) was clogged with debris and some cloth.

    • This prevented draining, and even prevented removal of the filter. Thus, requiring disassembly. But we are not done yet.

    • Unscrew four T2 screws.

    • Tilt the filter/pump unit (note the tab at the top), and pull it out from the back.

    • At his point you can clean the water inlet, the filter, and the pump. The propellor should move freely. The pump itself can also be removed to replace it (but I did not do that).

    • In my case, a significant amount of cloth got stuck in the water inlet, including a necklace. In the filter, there were some hairpins, and inside the pump itself, a coin and a pendent. LESSON: CLEAN THE FILTER MORE OFTEN, while you can stil remove it without disassembling the machine.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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