Hello all, today we will repair a water damaged phone.

it's a simple cell phone and quite easy to repair.



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Remove back cover & battery.
  • Remove back cover & battery.

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Remove the front case by prying it open. You will hear clicks.
  • Remove the front case by prying it open. You will hear clicks.

  • Be careful with taking off screen if you use a spudger.

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  • Use a Torx screwdriver to remove the screen screws.

  • Use a spudger or tweezers to remove the connector of the LCD screen.

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  • Remove keyboard by prying it open with a spudger.

  • The keyboard is secured with adhesive, be careful!

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  • The PCB board had water damage, see this in picture 3.

  • To remove the corrosion, dab a cotton swab with a little distilled water on the corroded area, the corrosion will disappear.

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  • How and where to use the cotton swabs.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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no use .it is not switching on . replaced with good batter also. no on

nabhan75 - Antwort

try to clean with an ultrasonic bath.

measure out powerrail.

measure out the voltage coming in on board. try to see if you have short.

Kevin D - Antwort

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