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Diese Anleitung zeigt dir, wie du den Water Dancing Speakers Lautsprecher wieder neu mit Wasser befüllen kannst. Diese Lautsprecher neigen dazu, durch den unteren Wasserstopfen zu sickern. Diese Anleitung zeigt dir Schritt für Schritt, wie du die Lautsprecher auseinander nehmen musst, um den Wasserstöpsel durch Sekundenkleber zu ersetzen. Der Grund, warum wir den Stöpsel durch Sekundenkleber ersetzen, ist, dass der Kleber das Loch viel effektiver versiegelt, und es ist ein einfacherer Prozess.


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  1. Water Dancing Speaker Lautsprecher mit Wasser auffüllen, Wasserstöpsel  & Wasser: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 2 Water Dancing Speaker Lautsprecher mit Wasser auffüllen, Wasserstöpsel  & Wasser: Schritt 1, Bild 2 von 2
    • Du brauchst eine leere und saubere Arbeitsfläche, den "Water Dancing Speakers" Lautsprecher, Sekundenklebstoff, Mineralwasser und einen Kreuzschlitzschraubendreher.

    • Ziehe den USB-Stecker – zuständig für die Stromversorgung – bevor du fortfährst.

    i see a tiny hole on top of the glass speakers. but i see no obvious way to open it. it seems to me though that this would be where i should add the mineral oil. Anyone else have the same speakers i have? any ideas on how to open it.. without damaging the glass?

    Betty Jo Doney - Antwort

  2. Water Dancing Speaker Lautsprecher mit Wasser auffüllen: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 1
    • Entferne die 4 Schrauben auf der Rückseite der Lautsprecher mit dem Kreuzschlitzschraubendreher.

  3. Water Dancing Speaker Lautsprecher mit Wasser auffüllen: Schritt 3, Bild 1 von 1
    • Sobald du die 4 Schrauben herausgeschraubt hast, musst du das untere Teil vom Wasserkanister runterschieben.

    • Wenn du beide Teile voneinander gelöst hatte, stellst du den Wasserkanister mit der Unterseite nach oben hin.

    I have got the same speakers, and You should refill it with water but one inch of the top so almost full. Just correcting your stupid mistake You smarty pants. Thank You!!!

    Tomasz Kijak - Antwort

  4. Water Dancing Speaker Lautsprecher mit Wasser auffüllen: Schritt 4, Bild 1 von 2 Water Dancing Speaker Lautsprecher mit Wasser auffüllen: Schritt 4, Bild 2 von 2
    • Auf der Unterseite des Wasserkanisters siehst du ein Loch, wo das Wasser eingefüllt wurde. Es ist mit einem schwarzer Stöpsel verschlossen.

    • Mit deinem Schraubenzieher kannst du ihn herauslösen.

    • Sobald du den Stöpsel entfernt hast, kannst du die Lautsprecher auffüllen. Fülle sie mit nur ca. 2,5 cm Wasser.

    I tried prying it but it didn't work and I ended up breakin the little space it was in.

    Kennedy Meza - Antwort

    Mine didn't have a plug, and I had to use a very small bit to drill the hole open. added water and glued. works okay, except it makes a random 'grinding' noise and the liquid in the refilled one doesn't cascade like the original - almost as if the original liquid was not water - at least not plain water. Any thoughts?

    Fehring - Antwort

    it's mineral oil

    Shreyash Patel -

    Just bought these speakers; there's only about an 1/8" of water in them. Took it apart with your instructions and found water plug... It's tiny! How did you add water? A syringe? Also in the picture the water tank appears full, you say add one inch. We don't understand (duh), could you explain please?

    peterhulse86 - Antwort

    Only the inch of water in the bottom of the water tank is shot up into the air in the water tank.

    Elijah -

    when and how much mineral oil do I add to the water?

    Christopher Robertson - Antwort

  5. Water Dancing Speaker Lautsprecher mit Wasser auffüllen: Schritt 5, Bild 1 von 1
    • Nachdem du das Wasser etwa 2,5 cm hoch eingefüllt hast, klebst du das Loch zu und lässt den Klebstoff trocknen.

  6. Water Dancing Speaker Lautsprecher mit Wasser auffüllen: Schritt 6, Bild 1 von 1
    • Wenn der Klebstoff trocken ist, kannst du den Lautsprecher wieder auf den Wasserbehälter schieben.

    • Wenn du die beiden Teile zusammen geschoben hast, kannst du die Rückseite wieder zurückplazieren, und die 4 Schrauben wieder einschrauben.

    • Wiederhole die Schritte 2 - 6 für den zweiten Lautsprecher..

    Can you showe me how to fixs my water speakers

    Kenneth Ruybal - Antwort

    Just got mines on sale for $15 soeakers works great n loud but the water its not dancing don't want to return it back but how can i make the water to dance kinda mad about it someone helps me plz thanks

    carmen nieves - Antwort

    Just purchased this set of speakers. (I appreciate the instructions you provided on how to add the water…as this info did not come in the box!!!

    Shirley Massison - Antwort

    Bonsoir, je tombe sur votre TUTO super intéressant, mais le problème pour moi, est que je trouve pas l orifice pour l eau….pas de bouchon noir…et 2ème chose, peut on remplacer la colle forte, par de la colle chaude, d après vous’ car une fois refroidit, elle devient dure…! Merci de votre aide

    ha oui, mon enceinte n est pas tout à fait pareille que la votre, elle est ronde et c est une Polaroïd (sans vouloir faire de pub)

    severine.tribolet - Antwort



    IAN VOGT - Antwort


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the pump is defective how to replace


andrepicard2012 - Antwort

I couldnt get plug out either so I drilled a hole in back and filled it with mineral water and sealed it with a small strip of scotch tape and duct tape on top of that in case I had to get back in. It works, but now it looks different. Sometimes the water clings to the inside and it looks a little foggy. Is it mineral water, or mineral oil? If it leaks again I'll prob try the oil.

Lacepage - Antwort

The original liquid has a lower surface tension than water. I used odorless mineral spirits.

If the pump is noisy, try a drop of oil in the motor.

aeromojito - Antwort

My speakers keep spraying even though their is no music playing, is that a good thing?

Andrew - Antwort

good it worked with me, thanks for guidance.

Shujath Shariff - Antwort

I got one of these for Christmas at five BELoW for $5. I figured out why they were selling it. Someone lost the black plug on the bottom that plugs the hole and they used hot glue to fix it, but it still leaks somewhere. I will probably drill a hole in the top or back and fill it with water and cover it up and then use some sealing tape to make sure it stops leaking.

blakesr171 - Antwort

Try some JB weld on the area

Troy Reinhardt jr -

My water dance speaker still has water. My problem is the water isn't splashing about with the music, any more. What would cause that to stop?

lorirunninglate - Antwort

lolirunninglate, you have broken pumps in your speaker, but i don't know how to fix that.

Elijah - Antwort

I read somewhere u can use baby oil to is that true. My son got some but there is nothing in there so I have to fill them.

Michelle W - Antwort

lorirunninglate u would have to get a new motor for the or both speakers if neither work there is no pumps it's three magnetics that are attached to the motor with a wheel try looking up on YouTube on how to replace the motor

Troy Reinhardt jr - Antwort

Regarding identifying the liquid:

Based on a search for the MSDS, the MSDS (ref: http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/blog/wp-conte... ) calls it "Artware Oil C-300", with a viscosity of 3.6 mPa.s (aka 3.6 cSt).

Mineral oil comes in MANY viscosities, the closest I could find would be Peneteck, the second closest would be 4463 oil (ref http://www.hollandchemicals.com/Document... ).

Can't find a seller for "Artware Oil C-300", "Peneteck", or "4463 oil" yet. I expect there would be other mineral oils in this viscosity range as well. I haven't found a source for oil yet, but hope this helps in the search.

Will update / add comment if I find a mineral oil in this range.

Matt - Antwort

I'm trying to fill my second speaker and when I open it the plug is like 1/4 of an inch down and I can't get to it.

Tyler unnecesary - Antwort

I dont get it - its not water or mineral water , but oil - mineral oil of a fairly low viscosity so that it runs easily but doesnt stick. So exactly what is it, and when it leaked, where did it go to as if it is oil it wont evaporate.

ajb - Antwort

I have the same problem, but I have the Water Tower BT SC1128BT Model.

I can’t even find the refill area or access the “Guts” of this thing!!

howlbob -

When I opened the box only one speaker had water in it. So I found these directions for filling it. Both speakers had broken pieces in them. When I opened the back of the empty one, there wasn't a plug. Instead, there was a big thick layer of apoxy or something. When I finally got enough of the glue/apoxy stuff off, I put the water in and glued it back closed. Then, while trying to get it back together, three wires broke lose. My husband said he would try to sodder the wires back in place when he got a chance but I'm not optimistic it will work. Luckily, I didn't pay anything for the piece of crap. It was given to me. My husband said if he couldn't fix it, he would buy me another one......don't think I really want to chance money on buying another one though.

Lori McDonald - Antwort

I also had trouble removing the plug (I resorted to pushing it in) and eventually broke a wire in the process. The oil that had escaped had made the inside of the bottom piece kind of sticky.

At this point, its no longer worth trying to salvage it. The other one still works, but it looks silly with just one. It was a neat little gift, but very cheaply made…

Maria Nikkel - Antwort

Can you just use regular water?

April Lopez - Antwort

Can’t I just put a hole in the top and put tap water in it because I’m too trashy to go through all this &&^&^$ effort

Solvenskia - Antwort

I AGREE with the last comment! my eyes dont see those tiny little holes, black dots…etc got these at goodwill for $2 so im guessing these will sit in a cabinet til i throw them out.

Betty Jo Doney - Antwort

We have the dancing sharks and after a month the stopped floating and just sit on the bottom. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you.

Jen Brunell - Antwort

Do you have any suggestions on refilling water on the Water Dancing BT Tower Speaker Model#SC-1128BT??

It EVAPORATED out and I just hear the Pump growling!! HELP!!

howlbob - Antwort

For you know how to fix a speaker that has a hole in the plastic at the top?

CyWolf Games - Antwort

its not water , its light oil.

Philp Chung - Antwort

The wiring to the lights fell off while I was refilling! I tried to reattach them, but they keep falling back off when I try to replace the cover . How can I make them stay without a solder?? I was going to use glue, but don't want to damage it beyond repair! Help!?!!

ericka prince - Antwort

Sadly no. At least not very reliabley. You could try to use a teenie tiny metal clamp.

Zarkex -

Hab mich extra registriert um +30 zu vergeben. Danke!

Geri - Antwort

tuto non compatible pas de bouchon pour remplir enceinte a eau en forme de verre !!!! tres deçu

Christelle Lehee - Antwort

It's mineral oil not water. I followed your instructions. have found out the hard way, it doesn't mix.

Pam Beech - Antwort

Moter wairs point plz

Fayyaz Shaikh - Antwort

Should I change it before I use it?

Wanda Tiller - Antwort

Charge it before I use it?

Wanda Tiller - Antwort

I have some hello kitty dancing water speakers but the LEDs started flickering on the right speaker, specifically the blue and green colors so I’m wondering if there’s a fix to this or where I can send them to be fixed

Zari - Antwort

My water speakers have noisy motors … they are brand new Goldman’s… if they aren’t on full all you hear is the motor for the jets… I don’t want to have to take them back but I wanted them for soothing music at bathtime not a disco!

elfkincatcher - Antwort

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