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In dieser Anleitung erfährst du, wie du eventuelle Probleme mit der WiFi-Verbindung beim Huawei P8 Lite lösen kannst.

    • Gehe zu Einstellungen -> Entwickleroptionen und wähle "auf Standardeinstellungen zurücksetzen".

    • Aktiviere nun "Entwickleroptionen", "Aktiv lassen" und "Alten DHCP-Client verwenden".

    • Gehe zu WLAN -> WLAN-Einstellungen und schalte "Netzwerkhinweis" aus. Wähle unter "WLAN im Standby aktiv lassen" "nie" aus.

    • Stelle als Netzwerkverbindungsmethode "Automatisches Verbinden" ein.

    • Dies sind meine aktuellen Einstellungen und diese haben das Problem bei mir behoben.

    • Bitte kommentiere diesen Beitrag, wenn er dir geholfen hat.

    There's no such thing as developer options on the Huawei p8 lite.

    the.stoner.kiwi - Antwort

    Go to your 'about phone' option in settings and press 'build number's seven times and you'll have a message saying 'youre now a developer'. Press back and above the about phone there will be 'developer options' available.

    Kiely-Lou Barnard -

    Still not connected showing access denied?

    Raja Shahraiz - Antwort

    How to make WiFi networks problem

    Sanjip Jayasawal - Antwort

    where do i get "use legacy DHCP client", can't find it unde developer mode

    gracien botima - Antwort

    I don't have a "use legacy DHCP client" option. Any alternative please???

    Tahrima Arani - Antwort

    Hi. Did you manage to locate the DHCP client? I'm having the same problem

    Meh Ni -

    Any luck here?, same problem. I don’t have that &&^&^$^ option

    Horus Rules -

    Where can I find the last step, Set network connection method "Automatically connect"?

    gboafterparty - Antwort

    François.... U are my hero of the day... Uhm week.... Did exactly those steps... And et voila.... Totally And utterly calm in Deventer, the Netherlands enjoying my wifi.... Fingers crossed it will stay this way.

    Thank you for your trouble and time educating me!!!!

    Mirjam Koot - Antwort

    were can i find restore

    Chola Jacob - Antwort

    ware i can find Set network connection method "Automatically connect"..

    userhuaweMY - Antwort

    ware i can find Set network connection method "Automatically connect"

    userhuaweMY - Antwort

    Je ne sais pas où il faut aller dans la partie 3 merci de me répondre rapidement François car ce problème m agace cela fait quand même le deuxième HUAWEI P8 LITE que j'ai avec ce même problème. Merci

    Maxence Herbin - Antwort

    Under advance settings,I can't find Set network connection method "Automatically connect"

    Bright - Antwort

    Under advance settings, I can't find Set network connection method "Automatically connect"

    Bright - Antwort

    wie kann man den Netzwerkhinweis ausschalten? Bei mir ist der grau hinterlegt. Ebenfalls kann ich “Automatisches Verbinden” nicht finden.

    Boni - Antwort

    Wie kann ich den Netzwerkhinweis ausschalten? Der Schieber ist bei mir grau hinterlegt. Ebenfalls kann ich “Automatisches Verbinden” nicht finden.

    Boni - Antwort

    Can someone help for the “set network connection method”?

    Prinsha Tanakoor - Antwort

    Wie cool ist das denn!!!

    wollte das Telefon schon abschreiben. Genau lesen. Funktionierte tadellos!

    Dörthe Grubek - Antwort

    does not allow me to alter network notification……the icon is grey?

    Sinjin Skippers - Antwort

    i cannot access the network notification….the icon is grey?

    Sinjin Skippers - Antwort

    hola, buenas tardes cambie la pantalla del equipo y ahora no funciona el lector de memoria micro sd ni el del chip SIM-CARD, como puedo solucionarlo? muchas gracias.

    Daniel Garcia Diosa - Antwort

    hello, good afternoon change the computer screen and now the micro sd memory reader or the SIM-CARD chip is not working, how can I fix it? thank you very much.

    Daniel Garcia Diosa - Antwort

    Hallo ich finde bei dem Handy Huawei p8 Lite kein Entwicklungsoptionen ich bekomme kein WLAN mehr was kann ich tun wäre sehr nett wenn mir jemand helfen kann vielen dank im voraus

    anjadarsaoui - Antwort

    Hallo, ich finde den letzten Punkt im Handy leider auch nicht. Das Handy verbindet sich mit dem WLAN trotzdem automatisch. Leider immer noch erfolglos. Kann mir jemand helfen? Viele Grüße

    Manuela O. - Antwort

    thanks my brother it worked

    milfredbm - Antwort

    le problème n’est pas résolue même je trouve pas “connexion automatique”

    Akrout Firas - Antwort

    After checking all the steps i still have IP address unavailable, what now is my phone past its sell by date. this is my first Huawei and since have got 3 others but i’m thinking its the last. Samsung here I come.

    Michael Anthony Wainwright - Antwort

    A me non risolve il problema

    nicola cantalupo - Antwort

    i cant find set networl automatically please someone hepl me

    Muhammad Aqib Mohd Nor Hafiz - Antwort

    My Mobile wifi on but doesn't connected


    British Gujjar - Antwort

    Das Problem ist damit nicht gelöst , wie schon mehrere s. o. geschrieben haben , ist das “automatische Verbinden” nicht wählbar

    j.ott2 - Antwort

    Io non ho risolto.qualche altra opzione??

    lorycozzella - Antwort

    Il problema ( il tel lo uso solo con scheda telefonica ) e’ un chip dal costo di nemmeno 5 € che sta sulla scheda madre ( sarebbe da staccare e buttare il vecchio che funge da connettore wifi e blutooth e “ristagnare”)…ma nessuno vuole sistemarlo ( la scheda madre il piu’ delle volte lo “ ribrucia” ..colpa degli aggiornamenti di sistema..)..Queste notizie te le do perche’ ho seguito blog e articoli vari su internet…ciao Mauro

    piramids -

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ca marche pas ya t il une autre solution

sammout.rawia - Antwort

Admin tolong gimana wifi huawei p8lite saya kok hilang ngk?

darman ybb - Antwort

In Developer Options, where is "restore to default settings" and "use legacy DHCP client" ???

"" Set network connection method "Automatically connect" ": you mean Network Operators or Preffered Network Mode ???

aloalo - Antwort

l have problem allso my huawei p8 lite

wifi and bluetoth problem wen l turn on wifi is ok but wifi dont see konekcion also wen l go to wifi setinngs ip addrea unavailable.

can sombody help my to fix

also l tray all to fiz but nothing help.

srpskigamer 43 - Antwort

Same problem with me

If you will fixed it


Please told me

Muhammad Wali khan Sumbal -

Me also same problem in p8 lite

If you fix it the problem plz share with me

Afroz Ahmad -

Ip address is not shown in my mobile and wifi is not turn on

Please give me suggestion and fix my problem

Afroz Ahmad -

Le même problème que je souffre s'il vous plaît si vous trouvez une solution pour m'informer et merci

Bessioud Abderrazak -

I have the same problem. Has anyone found a solution to this

Bongani Masuluke -

any solution to this?

Andre Botha -

same here. maybe a hardware problem?

Sanseghettino -

In Developer Options, where is "restore to default settings" and "use legacy DHCP client" ???

"" Set network connection method "Automatically connect" ": you mean Network Operators or Preffered Network Mode ???

pauleenw1 - Antwort

Got probleme with p8 Huawei phone WiFi is not connecting were can I find the development option on the phone must I go to my settings . please I need help urgent .

Bokkie Van Zyl -

Wifi and Bluetooth problem

Rajanrai - Antwort

Salam wafi on nain ho jb ke sim deta chal ra ha keya prblm ho sakte ha

Zee Malik - Antwort

huawei p8 lite cant turn on wifi and bluetooth...way???

pongalong - Antwort

I have that's problem why not WiFi and bluetooth not opened reply me

Muhammad Naseem -

Send me screen shot because I not found developer option plz send me urgent or if you automatically solve my problem so solved it

Muhammad Naseem -

Huawei p8 lite can't turn on WiFi and Bluetooth also so what problem

Ali turi - Antwort

p8 lite cannot connect wifi it shows "network access denied" so please help me it cannot connect wifi help me what problems occur

amxah - Antwort

Hi. Did you have any luck with the wifi problem?

Meh Ni -

Still can't connect to WiFi

Mathews Mushimba - Antwort

bt my wifi problem is not solve ...

sandeep bains - Antwort

ip address is not show on my phone wifi....whn i connect any wifi network thn wifi is not working and not connect..jst show save network ...tell me wha i do ?

sandeep bains - Antwort

p8 (ALE-121) is my phone

sandeep bains - Antwort

The same problem I thinnk it's hardware not a software

Mighri hatem - Antwort

that’s right i was replace motherboard huawei p8 when my phone on 7 months old because my wifi not connection

Zahroh R J A -

Je n'arrive jamais à connecter c'est je m'éloigne d'un mètre de mon retour wifi,j'ai essais de restaurer j'ai essayé plusieurs méthodes sans résultat,dites moi ce que je dois faire avec ce p 8 lite????

Karimou - Antwort

Hi all!

If anyone have problem with wifi on Huawei smartphone can watch this video link below and i hope to fixed, worked for me…


Shkodran Berisha - Antwort

Not working . Please i need help

Cristiano - Antwort

I have a solution if u want sent me mail yanzerose@outlook.com

Nirajan - Antwort

Hi Nirajan, i’ve send an mail to you, please help

rakotomihamina andry -

I have the same problem but came across a solution that might work for you. For bluetooth put your phone in flight mode and switch on bluetooth. For wifi you should remove your media card that could be damaged.

Fire Fly - Antwort

How I will fix my wifi not


it’s a hardware problem,


this video shows how to fix.

Brian Russell - Antwort


I am bilal. I have Huawei p8 lite. My mobile phone have not working WiFi , Bluetootha and hotspot. I have many problems. Please ask me Answer what can. I do?

Bilal Younas - Antwort

I have same problem with my Huawei p8 lite.

Wifi and Bluetooth not turning on, for 5days now. I've tried different options, but problem remain the same, can anyone help me??

INNOVATION TheReasonWhy - Antwort

belom bisa.. uda di ikutin semua cara di atas.. hp saya dari telestra.. wifi bisa di nyalakan namun tidak mau konek

masirvan - Antwort

My phone doesn't want to switch on Bluetooth and WiFi what must I do

Christopher - Antwort

Respected sir in My phone Network Notification has beeb stuck please tell me what to do plz ????

Ali Hamza Tariq - Antwort

I cannot find. Developer mode , and. Leagacy and network connection automatically kindly guide via Screenshots. Tht will be more helpfull

Muhammad Khird Added - Antwort

por favor mi p8 lite no me funciona wifi ni bluetooth, me pueden colaborar?

j.andres.08 - Antwort

ya realice lo de opciones de desarrollador, pero no se que mas debo hacer?

j.andres.08 - Antwort

My phone same problem i cant connect on wifi how can i fix it

Anntotz Gabriel - Antwort

did any body solve the wifi problem on the P8

constant - Antwort

my huawei ale-lo2 dosnt have "use legacy DHCP client

lancelin3 - Antwort

tried everything wifi is still greyed out same as blutooth can anyone help ??

lancelin3 - Antwort

No wifi and Bluetooth help me please

Karla Thomsen - Antwort

wifi is not working

Simon James - Antwort

Wi find is not working

Simon James - Antwort

Wi find


Simon James - Antwort

WiFi Bluetooth Repair - HI1101 WIFI IC wi-fi Module chip For Replacement Huawei P8 P8 lite: http://got.by/2qj6am

egilaval - Antwort

WTF This happen to both Huawei Phones that I have… If this solution doesnt work… Hardware Issues maybe

Just buy another phone..

Never buy Huawei Phone Again…

Martina Martins - Antwort

Hi! Where can I find the network connection method? I have done all the steps except the last one since I was unable to find the netowrk connection method options. Thank you

Marie Rowenna Brusola - Antwort

It seems that many people are sharing the same problem, I suggest to ask the manufacturer to collect the cellphones and change the wifi/GPS antenna

Ghassan Kattoua - Antwort

After i went through all the steps i still cannot connect to my wifi.

Shaun Stuurman - Antwort

Hello, my smartphone is Huawei P8 Lite too, and 7 months old, I experienced WiFi not connected because I went and I went to a Huawei service counter and the official replaced the motherboard device. and my officer said that the wifi problem was indeed a weakness of Huawei P8 Lite. and now after 2.5 years my phone has experienced the same thing again, while to replace the Huawei p8lite motherboard the price is quite expensive, buying a new smartphone is the solution.

Zahroh R J A - Antwort

Mon huawei P8 lite 2017 active bien le WiFi Direct … mais quand on veut l’utiliser, un message qui reste à l’écran 1/4 de seconde indique que pour l’instant, seules les échanges avec d’autres appareils huawei sont autorisées. et bien sûr, bien qu’on arrive sans aucun problème à établir la connexion avec d’autres appareils, comme mon Samsung, toute utilisation du transfert entre les deux machines échoue. bravo leur conception deu monde “OPEN” d’Androïd !!!

Boizot - Antwort

MY phone is conntecting and disconnecting randomly. Through out a single second.

faizanakhter110 - Antwort

Do not off network notification

Mohd Kifa - Antwort

Ces ou qu'on trouve les options développeurs sur la p8 lite

Hadiatou Barry - Antwort

J ai le même problème je n'arrive pas a me connecter sur le wifi . Ça me fait connections enregistrer et cripte

Hadiatou Barry - Antwort

my p8 lite doesnt show developer options

Andre Botha - Antwort

Meme probleme sur portable acheté d'occas pour noel a mon fils. Je suis dégouté de mettre fait avoir !!!

sophie.mainguin - Antwort

This fix worked for me. I could not do the last instruction (Set network connection method "Automatically connect") because there is no such setting for my version, but it solved the issue anyway :) Thank you!

Horazon - Antwort

Huawei P8 Lite, ALE-L21, Dual SIM Wi-Fi a szobában működik. A konyhában jó jelerősség van minden hálózati hozzáférés, megtagadva üzenet fogadására. Szia. Tamás

tamas aradi - Antwort

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