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Wie du den Neustart eines iPhone 4 neu erzwingst

  1. Wie du den Neustart eines  iPhone 4 neu erzwingst, Wie du den Neustart eines  iPhone 4 neu erzwingst: Schritt 1, Bild 1 von 2 Wie du den Neustart eines  iPhone 4 neu erzwingst, Wie du den Neustart eines  iPhone 4 neu erzwingst: Schritt 1, Bild 2 von 2
    • Drücke und halte den Home Button.

    • Während du den Home Button drückst, musst du auch noch den Aufweckknopf drücken und halten.

    my phone is disabled and it as a dead scream

    Elijah Flowers - Antwort

  2. Wie du den Neustart eines  iPhone 4 neu erzwingst: Schritt 2, Bild 1 von 2 Wie du den Neustart eines  iPhone 4 neu erzwingst: Schritt 2, Bild 2 von 2
    • Halte beide Tasten für etwa 10 sec gedrückt, bis das Apple Logo erscheint.

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    Jesus Christ - Antwort

    please response me my phone do not turn on .It`s only appeare apple logo frequently turn off.

    urnaa - Antwort

    How do i hard reset iphone 4 when power button dont work and dont have a computer to reset thru itunes please let me know what i can

    Ashly - Antwort

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Evan Noronha

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hi i have the same problem like them when i open my iphone 4 still the apple logo only will appear ii also doo what you did but still not working kindly please help me

artearljosseff31 - Antwort

Still voice controll is on.

stanny wottokna - Antwort

How do stop the voice controls

stanny wottokna - Antwort

Hw can do whn foggoten password

hamisi - Antwort

Help me plz my phone ploblem

hamisi - Antwort

My iPhone 4 is disabled I went to iTunes they don't have iPhone 4 on there what do I do

Elise Donaghy - Antwort

Happy with the "How To" & happy with the parts order (Battery / Fixit Kit) had the iPhone 4 apart and back together in about 5 minutes.

Its going to take longer to re-calibrate the new battery "running it down less than to 10%" than it took to physically replace the battery.

Another good experience at iFixit!

addonii - Antwort

I followed this guide and got the job done in ten minutes! Thanks! I got my replacement battery on ebay, it came with toolkit and suction cup. It's worth noting there are larger capacity batteries out there (2680mah) than the original. A pair of cheap reading specs are also helpful to have on hand to see the tiny screws and connections! Anyway, this is a great guide, this job is definitely a straightforward home fix, if you are careful.

jonathanluker - Antwort

I recently swap my phone to iPhone 4s and there is a password in it i wont a help.

okyere david - Antwort

I decide to restart it but they ask me to enter a password and I really don't know anything about it .

Just help me out,

okyere david - Antwort

Help me please I'm stuck

Chris Hayze -

@okyere You need your own & legit iPhone. You would know the password. In case you bought it, the seller should to know.

mig - Antwort

I need to do a hard reset on my iPhone 4 to try to fix some issues I'm having with the firmware, but the home button is broken too. Is there any other way to perform a hard reset, or should I just focus on fixing the home button?

Padoo Emantsalon - Antwort

How do I get into my gmail account as I have broken my phone and can’t get a code for gmail it’s 2 step verification code. What do I do help .

Shan Henderson - Antwort

PLs help i have iphone 4 not 4s and the screen is black and when i connect it to my mac, i hold down top and home button for 10 seconds and on my mac it says to restore and i do but then when its restoring it gets to a point where it just freezes and gets really hot and my mac gets stuck on "waiting for iphone" and i left it for at least an hour restoring and it gets stuck on that %#*@ loading bar and one more thing, there is a tiny light constantly on on the back of the iphone and dont even think about telling me its a physical issue because i dont have any tools and if i go to apple they finna say "sorry but we cant help you. but you can buy this iphone 14 blah blah blah for $1000" and ##&&% i dont got "$1000" im a %#*@ 12 year old tryna fix this %#*@ iphone 4 to put music on it so someone help my ass

yiannis - Antwort

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