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The phone battery started to go bad so I decided to replace it.


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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Dan Dunham

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Even tho the video is 2 years old i followed the steps and it went pretty much flawless ( I nicked the plasting surrounding the screen when I pryd it open). My battery was just done and now since the batteryswap it’s finally holding charge again! I dont know what double sided tape to use so I applied 3 dots of glue eachside on parts it doesn’t interfere with anything and now hoping I am done hahaha.

Elroy Brouwer - Antwort

This video saved me from buying a new phone! It took less than an hour to complete. So thanks!

Just an added note. If you use stock or Lineage OS, The kernel may not report the battery levels correctly with the new battery installed. There is a kernel fix for LOS at the following link:


Something about the original kernels using a battery id to get the info from.

Heath Delzer - Antwort

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