This guide will show how to detach the head from the body and separate the head itself into two different parts.

  1. Using the Triangle driver remove the four 7.5 mm screws.
    • Using the Triangle driver remove the four 7.5 mm screws.

    • The two front screws are deeper than the two on the back legs which may cause difficulties. These can be reached by putting the bit in first then carefully putting the driver on slightly (not all the way)

  2. Turn the device so that the the device is on its side.
    • Turn the device so that the the device is on its side.

    • Hold the back and belly on the device and gently pull apart.

    • Pulling with too much force might damage a few cables inside, so caution is needed.

    • With insides exposed, grab leg and gently pull up and away from the body to detach them. Repeat for all legs needed.

    • Gently pry the ribbon cable from the connector.

    • Using a soldering Iron, carefully heat the solder point around the silver wire and pull gently until the wire lifts free.

    • The soldering iron and solder get very hot, so caution is advised to avoid touching either directly.

    • This step may be skipped but if so care must be taken to not accidentally pull the wire from the contact. Skipping this step will limit the amount or room that is available to work with.

    • Take the upper half of the device in hand.

    • Using the Philips #1 driver remove the two 9.5mm screws.

    • Remove the purple square collar around the neck of the device.

      • The wires can prove difficult to get through the opening in the collar. Move wires through the opening carefully.

    • Turn the device so that it is on its side.

    • Holding the device's head and back in each hand, pull apart to separate the head from the body.

    • Pull the wires through and manipulate carefully as needed to get them through and completely detach head.

    • Turn the head upside-down so that ears are facing down, and locate the four screws around the underside of the device's head.

    • Use the Triangle screwdriver to remove the four 7.5mm screws.

    • Hold the top and bottom halves of the head in each hand separately and gently pull away from each other to separate both halves.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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