This guide is a step by step process on how to replace a broken/damaged spring in either the left or right back legs. In order to access the leg components the main chassis and the rear of the pony must be disassembled first.


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  1. Flip the pony over.
    • Flip the pony over.

    • Remove the five Triangle 3 screws from underneath.

    • The pony will separate into a few pieces once the screws are removed.

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  2. Disconnect all of the wires between the head and leg sections.
    • Disconnect all of the wires between the head and leg sections.

    • To replace the power/volume switch, remove the two Phillips #0 screws from the switch.

    • Lift the switch out to replace.

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    • Remove the black bar by unscrewing the two triangle screws marked in yellow. These screws are recessed into the black bar so you may need an extender for your triangle bit.

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    • If you are not replacing the pony's speaker, skip the next bullet point.

    • Lift out the speaker, again making sure that it is disconnected, and replace with a new one.

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    • Remove all five triangular screws located on the backside of the leg.

    • Remove the Phillips head screw holding the white leg bracket.

    • The white bracket MUST be re-connected in the same orientation. Make sure to note which side is up and down. The part looks symmetric to the blind eye but it is not.

    • Detach the plastic mount at the top of the leg by sliding it in a vertical motion from the position shown.

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    • Lift up on the plastic housing located on the upper portion of the leg (where it connects to the body).

    • Carefully separate the plastic housing at the base of the leg.

    • Remove slowly, there are small components attached to the motor that could become loose and/or missing.

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    • The spring will be exposed as shown. Remove the broken or damaged spring and replace it with a new one.

    • Spring must be in the "loaded position" when reassembling (there should be some resistance).

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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