These steps will lead you through a successful replacement of one of bObi's main wheels. Tutorial for closing bObi is available at: Closing bObi's Cover Post-Repair


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  1. Remove bObi’s front wheel to access one of the screws holding bObi together.
    • Remove bObi’s front wheel to access one of the screws holding bObi together.

    • Make sure the wheel is turned closer to bObi's front touch sensors. Use your screwdriver for leverage, and the wheel will pop up and out.

    • Uninstall the larger screw that sits deeper in the wheel compartment.

  2. Remove bObi's dustbin.
    • Remove bObi's dustbin.

    • Uninstall the 2 screws close to the bin and 2 smaller screws above her main brushes.

    • Lift the brush holder. To detach completely, unplug it from bObi.

    • Remove the two screws on the dustbin contact point holder inside bObi.

    • There are 4 screws beneath the main brushes. Uninstall these, and open bObi up to expose her main circuit board.

    • Detach the two circuit plugs connecting bObi's cover to the main board and the cover will be completely removed.

    • The left and right wheels are held on bObi with two screws. Uninstall them from the wheel you’re replacing, and flip bObi over.

    • The left and right wheels attach near the front of the main board. Remove the circuit plug for the wheel you wish to replace. If there is glue on the plug, simply peel it off.

    • Lift bObi up slightly, and feed the wheel’s wiring out of the open space so the whole wheel detaches.

    • Place the new wheel in the open space. Make sure its circuit plug goes through and reaches bObi’s interior. Then plug it in on the mainboard.

    • You may add glue or electrical tape to secure the wires on the inside of bObi.


To put bObi's cover back together, refer to the Closing bObi's Cover Post-Repair guide.


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