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Änderungen an Ninja Coffee Bar® Single-Serve System Water Regulating Valve Replacement Einleitung

Bearbeitet von Austin Hefter

Bearbeitung genehmigt von Austin Hefter

[ ]This is very similar to replacing the tubes in the device, which is show in another repair guide created for the ninja coffee bar. Be very careful with the screws because they are very small. We would suggest the magnetic mat provided by iFixit so you don't lose the screws. Just like the tube repair guide, be careful removing the protective plate because there are a lot of wires that can not be disconnected. Also, make sure to take some pictures of the wiring just incase some of them do slip loose.
Time Required Min
25 Minuten
Time Required Max
25 Minuten
[ ]This will be a fix to a device that the water will not flow through.