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Änderungen an HP Stream 13-c010nr Battery Replacement Einleitung

Bearbeitet von Keegan Lapham -

Bearbeitung genehmigt von Keegan Lapham

Steps 1-4 in this process are necessary to replace most components of the HP Stream 13-c010nr. Due to its design, the trackpad, keyboard, and hand rest area are all one piece. Once Step 4 is complete, you will see all of the internal components of your laptop. [ … ] Ensure to use caution, when replacing the battery on the HP Stream 13-c010nr, that you are gently removing any tape or wires within the notebook. If those pieces of tape are torn in the removal process they will need to be replaced in order for your computer to work properly.
Time Required Min
30 Minuten
Time Required Max
30 Minuten


  • Spudger x1 added.
  • Precision Tweezers Set x1 added.
  • Phillips #0 Screwdriver x1 added.
  • 1 x PH0 screw bit x1 added.