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How to Remove a BIOS Password from Acer Laptops
When you forget your password it sucks. Whether if it's the login password of your social media account or of your laptop/computer, but most of the time it can be reset or removed with ease.
However, when it comes to BIOS password it’s not easy. Sometimes there's no other choice but replacing the motherboard and that can be expensive. This guide is for users who have set up their BIOS password on BIOS menu entry and not while logging into the OS.
There's also a detailed article to remove BIOS password which might help you in different ways. I'll be focused on Acer laptops because it’s very easy on Acer laptops.
If you don't have an Acer laptop this guide should be beneficial to you.
What's The Basic Concept
All the laptop manufacturers provide BIOS firmware for their users, including updated ones or existing ones. In Acer’s case, they provide it on their official website. All you need is the laptop model number or the SNID (Serial Number Identification Number).
When we install the BIOS firmware, it'll update the BIOS to improve its performance; however, if you can also edit its content so that the existing password will be removed.
Below are the only situations in which you'll be able to follow this guide:
• You should be able to log into Windows OS.
• You should have access to internet to download the firmware.
People are encountering problems that they either can't extract the firmware or can’t install it. Below I’ve shown the entire solution to each individual problem, so that you can remove BIOS password with ease.
Hopefully, you have successfully deleted your BIOS password. If you were not successful, please see the guide in the introduction for further details, or seek help from Acer customer service.
Easy way to remove BIOS password from your Acer laptop.