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Änderungen an Mac mini Late 2012 Teardown Einleitung

Bearbeitet von Jake Devincenzi -

Bearbeitung genehmigt von Jake Devincenzi

Apple is shrinking! No, not in the AAPL stock way (that's high as ever), but in the 'Let's name everything ''Mini''' way. Along with the announcement of the iPad Mini on October 23rd (teardown coming soon; we promise) came the new and improved Mac Mini, the 2012 iteration of the optical drive-less Mini [guide|6131|from last year]. With the current trend, we look forward to maybe one day tearing down a smaller version of the Mac Mini: the Mac Mini Mini. But until then, we content ourselves with tearing into the Mac Mini Late 2012. [ … ] Want to be kept in the loop about all of our latest teardowns, big and small? Follow us on [http://www.twitter.com/ifixit|Twitter], or check us out on [http://www.facebook.com/ifixit|New Myspace] to keep up with all the latest iFixit news.