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Änderungen an For Almost Every Vehicle Door Lock Actuator Replacement Einleitung

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How to Replace Car Door Lock ActuatorsActuator
Fast Fix How to Replace Car1998-2002 Honda Accord Door Lock ActuatorsActuator Replacement
== Things to Know Before Starting ==
This How to will show how to replace door lock actuators on most cars, keep in mind not all vehicles are the same.

'''The Removal and Replacement of the Actuators '''
We will have to remove the door panel from the door that has a broken door lock actuator by popping the tabs that hold it to the door while also removing door handle from inside as well as most switches. After removal of the door panel the rest is pretty easy. After removal of the door panel the steps are less stressful, unhook the door lock rod from the door lock (make sure not to loose the clip) the final step is to unbolt and unclip the motor from the door body. The scariest part for beginners is the actual popping and pulling on the door panel after that the process is in general a calm one.


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