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Änderungen an Alcatel Fierce 4 Display Replacement Einleitung

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This guide will show you how to replace the display of an '''Alcatel Fierce 4 phone'''.

 A display replacement could be helpful if your screen is cracked or not working properly
. Common problems that could mean that a display replacement is necessary is flickering or a completely, blank screen and unresponsiveness from touch input.

 Before you replace your display it's recommended that you make sure to rule out other problems. A screen will not turn on if the phone has a battery issue in which it will not hold a charge. To make sure this isn't a battery issue plug your phone to a wall outlet and verify that the screen still does not turn on or remains unresponsive
. A detailed instruction on how to replace the phone display is provided in thetroubleshooting guide can also be found at ([[Alcatel Fierce 4 Troubleshooting]]).

Be aware that replacing the display is moderately difficult. Before you start you will need and it should only be done while the following tools:phone is powered off.tweezers, Phillips #000 Screwdriver, Spudger and iFixit Opening Tools The connections from the screen to the phones motherboard are very delicate, disconnect cables with caution as process should take around 20 minutes andyou could further damage will work onthe phone if not careful.sections with the battery and display