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Änderungen an iPhone 11 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement Einleitung

Bearbeitet von Tomás Goncalves -

Bearbeitung genehmigt von Carsten Frauenheim

It’s well known that we can get many videos and articles about dismantling iPhone 11 Pro Max by some teardown masters. From those teardown videos and articles, we know that the glass covers of iPhone 11 Pro Max are the toughest glass that Apple useuses. If the back glass of the phone is broken, we have to remove all the components to fix it. It is very troublesome and difficult for some repairpersons to refurbish the phone, especially for the phone has equipped with a rear triple-lens camera which greatly increases the difficulty to repair the back glass.
So, isn’t there any useful and practical method to overcome this repair problem and it does not damage the OLED?
I believe that you have tried many methods, including hot separation, frozen separation and any other methods that you know, but with little success.
Recently, FORWARD LAB has tried to use the blue light laser separation machine to repair iPhone 11 Pro Max back glass and we hope it can enlighten you somehow.


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