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Änderungen an HP Envy m6-1225dx Cooling Fan Replacement Einleitung

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CPU Cooling Fan Part Number
686901-001 DC28000BFS0
The CPU Cooling Fan allows for continuous cooling of the CPU also known as the brain of a computer inside a laptop to not overheat and burn the user.
This CPU Cooling Fan can be prone to issues of overheating due to clogging or a faulty fan. If you believe the fan is not faulty and only needs cleaning, you can remove the fan and cleanse it with a computer duster.
This guide will go step-by-step on how to remove a clogged or faulty cooling fan.
Check out the [[HP Envy m6-1225dx Troubleshooting|Troubleshooting]] guide for other issues that could be related to the fan.
'''CAUTION:''' Placing the computer on a cloth surface such as your lap, a bed, or a couch cushion, can restrict or completely block the airflow. Prolonged air restriction causes overheating and potential damage.
'''CAUTION:''' '''DO NOT''' continue to use the computer when a fan is not working correctly. Overtime, exposure to consistently high temperatures can damage other important internal components.