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Änderungen an Apple TV 1st Generation Power Indicator LED Replacement Einleitung

Bearbeitet von John Matheson

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[ ]Power Light
[ ]Repairing Apple TV Power Light
This repair requires either an extremely fine tipped soldering iron and extremely steady hands, or an SMD rework station. [ … ] Remove the Apple TV's bottom cover and drive as described in Apple TV Teardown. Carefully peel back the two copper sticky grounding strips near the LED module. Swing the outer aluminium case up and carefully slide it it towards the connector side of the motherboard until it comes off. Remove the LED module by undoing two screws with a number 0 Philips head screwdriver. Then carefully unplug it from the motherboard to make it easier to work on. [ … ] There are two miniature SMD LEDs, one is clear and one is yellow. Unsolder the yellow coloured LED, which is actually the white one. Replace with another high intensity SMD LED. I used a blue one to match my other hi-fi components. The anode (+) is marked on the circuit board and is away from the infrared receiver side. Reassemble is a simple reversal being sure to remember to reverse every step. [ … ] Enjoy!
[ ]To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
[ ]Many Apple TV forums report a weakening or dimming of the white power indicator. This is due to premature failure of a white LED. It is possible to replace the LED and restore the power light.